Lovely Bethany Lunsford at Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show 2015 @extdimensions

Refreshing Bethany Lunsford in Cute and Sexy Outfit at The Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show

Fullerton, CA / W&HM Staff
T'his is the first time ever we met Bethany Lunsford.  We could have met her sooner, but due to the fact that we totally missed the Toyotafest where she appeared already.  It was a missed chance, but very well rewarded this time at the Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show...
Bethany has a unique and refreshing look that is not your usual car show model.  Her approachable friendliness is complimented by her ultra sexy white shirt and mini tartan pleated skirt, which totally invites people and cameras to follow her.
Here Bethany is standing by her husband's cool stance subie ride...

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