Green Power Part 2

Continued from the Green Power...  She is just amazing.  Her slender legs are pure perfection!  Only photography can capture the moment so pristinely, not drawings, not paintings, not films,...

More power to Green!

Green Power Part 1

Green is truly powerful!!  I did not find out her name (something I learned, and will try to do better this year, new year resolution! :->).  However, she really knew how to pose to the camera and to the crowd.

If anyone wants a wallpaper out of the pictures, please let me know.  I like to spread the "green power"!

Go Green!!!


Don't Forget to Click on The Image to Enlarge!

Even though the images look good here, you can get even better view after you click on the ones that you like here. They are actually much bigger size than the blog can accommodate!

Example: (Click on the Image below)

Bahara's in Polka Dot Bikini

She always looks good in bikini!   Coupled with her seemingly strong personality, she is just gorgeous!

@My Tip: This is Nightshift set of pictures are mostly done through my prime lens (50mm). The results are nothing but breathtaking, for its clarity, detailness, and perfect 10 portrait pictures!!

Bahara Looking Great!

She sometimes has that serious look, but when she smiles it's like the sky is opening up for all...

She Has That Awesome Tatoo!!

Her tatoo is just awe-striking...  Some other people's tatoos could be heavy-handed, but hers is just a touch of elegance, like a see-through chiffon with decorative patterns,  beautiful patterns.  This is truly work of art!!  And her legs are another work of art as well!!!

Still want to know her name...  She is just spectacular!

I Don't Know Her Name, But I Really Want To...

During the beauty contest, she stood out in the crowd, as she has some kind of magical appeal. Cannot pinpoint it, but she is definitely HOT!!!!

Happy 2009!

Wish everybody has a wonderful beginning of the new year! This year, I want to go to as many shows as possible, take as many pictures as possible, and share as frequently as possible, and know as many friends as possible... This will be an exciting year!!

Wish everybody as great new year!!

Jenny Chu is a Hard Working Girl!

Not only she is one of the most popular models in car show, her dedication, hardworking ethics, and her super friendly attitude, as well as really great to her fans are her greatest assets in addition to her wonderful physique and face and her long gorgeous hair...

We love Jenny!

More More...

The year end clearance... :-)  Enjoy and have a great new year!!


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