The strange smoky day gave this series an overall warm glow on Sasha.   It's a natural warmification filter.   She knows how to pose, and accentuate her best angles for the photographer.  She was really patient with different tries and gave photographers no-failure-possible opportunities.  Sasha is wonderful!

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  1. Hi,

    I really love those pictures, it's a sexy model who is showing a lot of class on those pictures. Often these kind of pictures are over the top however those are just perfect.

    Also my compliments to the blog owner for posting his amazing pictures more often, I wasn't been here for about a week and to my surprise I missed a lot hope you keep on going like this I do enjoy this a lot.


  2. Thank you so much Marco. Without your encouragement, there would not be as many photo postings. Really appreicate your words.

    I do try to keep the three principles of my photo: beauty, originality and quality... :-)

    Will keep up and post more!

    Wish a great holiday and a wonderful new year!


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