Happy Holiday!

Thank you for all your support over the last few weeks! So far it's been a great journey. I did not know how hard and attentative that a blogger must be, until now.  I think I learned a lot along the way.  Thanks for  your patience!!

I will continue to post more wonderful pictures of these great + great models.  I really owe it all to them!

In the future, the format may change a bit.  The modeling world is full of great talents, and so much to offer out there.  I will be humble and provide the best of best from my work, and share with the world.

Again, I like to thank all the models who shared their wonderful smiles, and showed their splendid features, and tirelessly working ethics.  Hats off to them!

Wish everybody a very productive new year and a great new beginning!!

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  1. 2008 was a great year. Lots of shows to shoot and lots of hot models to meet. I think the two that really stood out were Corissa Furr and Alicia Whitten. Those 2 fun gals were great as the naughty NOS girls. I hope NOS hires them for 2009.


  2. Thank you Clint!! Much appreciate your commardeship! Totally agree, 2008 has been a great year!

    I didn't discover Corissa before, and boy she is one natural and professional talent that is hard to find.

    Let's hope that she will return with more apperances in different shows, preferrably local... :-)


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