To Flash or Not to Flash on a Car Show Event Model

Here are the dilemma... Usually in a showroom, there isn't enough lighting for general purpose of no-flash shooting. Some are really + really dark, like HIN indoor shows. However, adding flash, the colors, the flatness, and the feel are just not realistically reproduced... Okay, we can spend a ton on auxiliary lighting equipments, like an additional flash, plus a softener reflector, or have a guy tag along to hold the softbox and the battery for you,... Well, there is no limit...

The first two are without flash.  They are blurry, but the overall feel is a bit more real, like in place.

Now adding in-camera flash, things are not too bad, but getting flat...

In the following cases, the in-camera flash is really bad, as you can see the projected shadows behind the model, which just ruins everything.

@My Tip: If you plan to shoot more in future show events, spend some money and get an additional flash and soft cap/reflector, no matter how cheap they are.  It's worth it.

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  1. Any idea who the model is that you shot for these pictures?

  2. I did not get her name, nor have I seen her before (or after) this particular event. It could be that I missed her in other shows, or she is not in the modeling business. At the time, she was just walking around, not in any particular booth.

    If I find out or see her again, I will let all know! :-)


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