July 31, 2015

Convivial Erica Law for @R1Concepts at @extremeautofest San Diego 2015 @ericalaw22

Friendly and Warm and Fun Erica Law Always Bring Her A+ Game to R1-Concepts, Here at Extreme Autofest San Diego 2015 

(Click photos to view in their original HR size)
San Diego, CA / W&HM Staff
Every time we see Erica Law, especially at R1-Concepts booth, she's always happy to see us.  But, we are more happy to see her!  No matter when, Erica always took the time to greet us and gave us some of the great fun and beautiful photos at the show.  This time at the Extreme Autofest San Diego 2015, despite the scorching hot sun, Erica gave us her gorgeous moments to be recorded on our camera.

Later on when she was joined with Brittani Paige, the awesome duo would not stop having fun, and that means lucky for us to capture some of the coolest semi-candid pictures!  We definitely want to thank R1-Concepts for always having Erica Law at various shows!!

July 30, 2015

Stunning Glimpses of Gorgeous Crystal Mendez for Chariotz at #EAF SD 2015 @ilove_CRYSTAL @chariotzinc

Stunningly Gorgeous Crystal Mendez for Chariotz.com at Extreme Autofest San Diego 2015

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San Diego, CA / W&HM Staff
We don't see Crystal Mendez at every shows that we attended.  Ever since we covered Crystal in a long time travel back, she has always been the top model that has rare appearances but generated a lot of attentions and crowds no matter where she was.  Crystal has that indescribably glamour beauty inside her yet in a very quiet storm way on the exterior.  Each time we see her, it's always a great pleasure, and also definitely a memorable moment in our show coverage experiences!

At the Extreme Autofest San Diego 2015, Crystal is with the Chariotz company who provides a platform for car customization enthusiasts as well as car shops and pros and manufacturers to gain inspirations and connections.

With this rare opportunity, we took a lot more than usual of this super awesome top model!!

July 29, 2015

Welcome Back Brittani Paige for R1 Concepts at #ExtremeAutofest San Diego 2015 @msbrittanipaige

Happy to See our Cover Model Brittani Paige Back in CA for R1-Concepts Again at The Extreme Autofest Car Show San Diego 2015

(Click photos to view in their original HR size)
San Diego, CA / W&HM Staff
It's been a while since the last time we saw Brittani Paige.  She has been on a trip to the wild wild west and had a lot of activities and fun and more stuffs to tell all.  This time at the Extreme Autofest San Diego, she returned to the R1-Concepts booth teamed up with Erica Law for the happy show, and she definitely showed her happiness!  Through out the photos, you can tell her trademarks of fun and creativity and generally upbeats!!

July 27, 2015

Super Charming Cover Model Sandra Wong at #ExtremeAutofest San Diego 2015 @thesandrawong @EAFCarshows

Extreme Autofest Official Model and Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Sandra Wong in Warm and Cute Neko Costume in EAF SD 2015

(Click photos to view in their original HR size)
San Diego, CA / W&HM Staff
The car show super model Sandra Wong had an amazing appearance in the Extreme Autofest San Diego, 2015.  The theme of the model lounge this year is cosplay costume and Sandra had a super cute Neko look.  When we saw her, we were already impressed by the warm costume that she had.  The weather out there was close to 90F and felt like 100F easily.  Despite the no-breeze heat, Sandra did a wonderful job in her costume and was prepared to wear her pink wig to fully accustomed to the character she portrayed.  We were deeply impressed, and our hat's off to her tremendously!!

During the catch up, we confirmed that we will do another cover feature of Sandra.  Usually we don't release such thing until things are all prepared and done.  However, we were so happy for this that we just cannot contain ourselves and want to share with everyone to know.  We are creating different concepts and see what would be really cool and really unique.  If you have any suggestions, definitely leave a comment here for us to include in our discussion!  We simply cannot wait!!

July 26, 2015

Big And Beautiful Highlight Coverage of #ExtremeAutofest San Diego 2015 #EAF

Animated Import Models and Transformer Mod Cars Ruled The Hot Extreme Autofest San Diego 2015 Car Show

(Click photos to view in their original high resolution size)
San Diego / Py Pai
HOT was on everybody's mind!  The weather was baking HOT.  The models were smoking HOT and the cars are modding HOT at the Extreme Autofest San Diego 2015.  Extreme Autofest is always a major show of force in the southern California greater region.  The format that they adopt is a long established car and model, or wheels and heels, plus stage performances and their famous bikini contest, kind of lifestyle show.  This year, they have done another great job in the San Diego, and brought a lot of great fun and busy scenes for fans and families to enjoy a hot and cool Saturday afternoon and night.
As the tradition goes, Extreme Autofest hosts a lot of variety of cars in their vast show lot.  You can get a taste of super vintage classic cars, to custom low riders, to articulated tuner modified, as well as luxury performance brands.  It's like going to a shopping mall, with all types and makes of cars that you can enjoy seeing and learning.  Extreme Autofest brings a great car community together and help expanding to reach new car lovers and safe fun seekers.

In the show, we were super delighted to see our cover models and cover cars at all various places.  From the top we have Sandra Wong, with her hot, both figuratively and literally, Neko costume, while Juan's Low300c showed up at the front seat row in front of the stage, plus Brittani Paige for R1-Concepts, all looking smashing!!
We have lots of coverage photos of the models and cars.  Definitely check out the full article here as well as the future articles coming soon!!

July 24, 2015

Miss Spocom Anaheim 2014 Winner and Our Feature Model Krstina Hong for TruHartUSA at @Spocom Anaheim 2015 #Spocom

Our Sweet Feature Model, 2014 Miss Spocom Anaheim, Krstina Hong For TruHartUSA at the 2015 Spocom Super Show 

(Click photos to view in their original HR size)
Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
We were so happy to see Krstina Hong again at Spocom 2015!  Last year, the first time we worked with her, she was full of energy and passion, which won her the 2014 Miss Spocom Anaheim high title.  This year, we saw her again at the same place with TruHartUSA team, and she is equally friendly and beautiful, and with more experiences and many resume items under her belt as well.  Even though Krstina is not so-Cal based, we are very sure that we will see her a lot more times this year, as there are still more major car shows and events coming up!

July 23, 2015

Quick Snapshots of Awesome Cover Model Sandra Wong at #Spocom Super Show 2015 @thesandrawong

Beautiful Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Sandra Wong at Spocom Super Show 2015

(Click photos to view in their original HR size)
Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
Every opportunity to meet the awesome Sandra Wong, is a personalized experience that leaves everyone deeply remembered.  Our cover model Sandra Wong is an angelic model that not only looks beautiful and elegant, she also has a warm personal touch to one's heart.  At the Spocom Super Show 2015 in Anaheim, we experienced that friendly moment again, and still managed to take some photos of this super popular model and friend.  She really talks to you like a good friend, and remembers things that you have said to her, and shares her latest and things.  That's why she is always surrounded by fans and friends, and people just cannot stop talking with her.  This is a highly appreciated and respected personality trait that very few models in shows possess.  And that's why Sandra is no doubt a top model in shows and on our cover!

July 22, 2015

Cover, Feature and New Models at #2Crave Booth in #Spocom Anaheim 2015

Our Cover and Feature Models Elizabeth Velasquez and Lisa Lee Marie Plus A Brand New Model for the Famous 2Crave Model Team at Spocom Super Show 2015

(Click photos to view in their original HR size)
Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
2Crave is like Hankook in the wheels world in car show. They both have killer products, they both came from the same origin, and they both have top of the line promotional models for their show presence.  At the Spocom Super Show Anaheim 2015, 2Crave brought back their highly anticipated models Elizabeth Velasquez and Lisa Lee Marie, and together with a brand new model.

We know Elizabeth and Lisa for a long time, especially they being our cover and feature models.  They are always upbeat and friendly and engaging and photogenic!  We totally love their presence and always appreciate their time and efforts for great photo ops!!
The brand new model is brand new because she's never been a car show before.  At first we were a bit skeptical for concerns that she may not handle the incoming huge crowd and cameras and flashes.  After a few clicks, we were totally impressed by how passionate she is about modeling.  We think 2Crave has found another awesome models!!  Great job all!!

Definitely check out these photos of these awesome models in action at the 2Crave booth!

July 20, 2015

Jessica Wong - 2015 Miss Spocom Anaheim Bikini Contest Winner! @Spocom @jessicuhwong

 The Super Adorable Jessica Wong Won the Hearts and Minds of Spocom Bikini Judges and Huge Fan Base at the 2015 Spocom Super Show!

Anaheim, CA / W&HM
We've only seen Jessica Wong a few times since the Kuya Model Expo just the end of last year.  Now it's just past the mid-year mark, she has already garnished several major titles already so far, including Miss HIN OC 2015 and the new tiara Miss Spocom Anaheim Bikini Contest 2015.  We can only say that the sky is the only limit for her!!

Jessica is a very adorable and very friendly person.  She may not be as perkily animated as other models, her quiet storm elegance has definitely won the admiration from both her peers and her fans.  In the Spocom Super Show 2015, Jessica was very busy at the model lounge, bikini contest, winning the contest, as well as post-contest photo ops, plus the show trophies awarding.

We totally see a super star rising and look forward to seeing her many times in other shows!!

July 19, 2015

Gigantic Highlights of Awesome Spocom Super Show 2015 Cars and Models @Spocom

Super Highlight Coverage of Spocom Super Show 2015, Cars, Models, Go-Gos, and Dance Competition, Bikini Contest and Lingerie Fashion Show 

Anaheim, CA / Py Pai 
Spocom Super Show, one of the most sought after car show in southern California is finally here. This year, Spocom has carried their great tradition of gathering the industry's top models and new faces at their model lounge, cool mod cars all across the entire convention floor, together with the highly competitive dance contest, plus the very famous Miss Spocom Super Show bikini contest, plus the Dollz for Dayz lingerie fashion show.  This non-stop activities and enjoyments could make the 6-hour show fly by in no time, even though you may feel it in the next morning on your back and your feet.  We say what a wonderful job that Spocom has always done with their super show.  It is one of the very top shows that we always look forward to!

The unusual July storms swept through the west and south west have saved us from the severe drought that we have been experiencing this year.  It created a slight havoc on traffic for people to come to the show, but they are not deterred!  Once you are inside the convention center, you would feel nothing but joyful air and dazzling atmosphere, that you want to stay for a long time to have a good time checking out everything!

At the model lounge, many of our Wheels and Heels Magazine cover models and feature models were present with many fans surrounding them.  We were very happy to see the latest issue cover model Jennifer Irene, and our contributing adviser cover model Sandra Wong, as well as Angelina Andrada, Elizabeth Velasquez, Ryan Oso, Monika Cozlin, Krstina Hong, Eva Skye, and Elizabeth Tran!  Besides these gorgeous models, there were many familiar and new faces at the model lounge and vendor booths that we simply could not stop taking photos of them to bring them back to all! 
At the car show side, many of the car owners displayed their cars with bells and whistles to amp their chance to have the top bragging trophy at hand.  There were many cars that showed their colorful sides both in and out, and side, and bottom.  As the trophies were given out, many nail biting moments among the owners and clubs, showing the intensity of owner passions and club team-ship!

One of the unique activity of Spocom is the dance competition that gathers many talented dance teams to show off their fast moves and precision synchronizations.  The competition was fierce, but friendship is strong.  The definitely brought the stage performances to the new height each time they were up there!
Miss Spocom is a high title in industry.  The exposure, and the attention that you get from having this title is rarely compared to other titles.  Through Chantel Zales' hosting, the contest was smooth and straight to the point.  The no fuss clean execution was perfect for the busy schedule that Spocom show has.
Also there was the Dollz for Dayz lingerie fashion show hosted by Lux.  The various showing of lingerie kinds was a good icing on the cake for the show and definitely brought another high from the crowd!

Overall, Spocom Super Show 2015 was another great success that we always love.  The combination of the latest and great models and cars, together with talents and competitions, it's definitely a great time to spend in a stormy Saturday night!  Our hats off to you all the Spocom team!!

Check out the full article for the gigantic pictorial highlight coverage!!

July 18, 2015

More Models at MOD Day Mitsubishi Car Event #MOD2015

Mitsubishi's MOD Day 2015 Had Many Models Showed Up to Support the Mitsubishi Car Community

(Click photos to view in their original HR size)
Cypress, CA / W&HM Staff
From our serial reporting of the Mitsubishi MOD Day #MOD2015 event, we have seen several awesome models, like our very Wheels and Heels Magazine cover model.  Here we found even more models from the event, including Jennifer Angel Ancheta, previously covered featured model Tyler Aries, as well as beautiful Erica Juliet, plus a duo for the NLAND DSM too!

This also concludes the coverage of this wonderful Mitsubishi car community event.  We can tell from the enthusiasm and happy faces that we saw, that this is a very successful event.  We look forward to the next year's 11th anniversary!

July 17, 2015

Readline Time Attack Official Model Kay Bae And Car Big Shoot by Clinton Lum @calibre68 @RedlineTA @Kay_Bae

Redline Time Attack official model Kay Bae with the race car #626 

Redline Time Attack's Hot Official Model Kay Bae with Racing Cars In Buttonwillow, Created by Clnton Lum 

(Click photos to view in their original HR size)
Button Willow, CA / W&HM Staff
We haven't seen Kay Bae for a while. In this cool the-day-after-July-4th holiday gathering, Redline Time Attack has brought this amazing model to the desert-like town Buttonwillow to celebrate the long running of the series.

Under the severe sun, and dry wind desert, our sage guest photographer Clinton Lum, worked his magic, created a body of high key intense heat photo works with Kay Bae, around different racing cars at the event.  The results are like an in-person experience, that you can feel the hotness of the model and the weather and the cars and the air... That's totally awesome!!  Definitely check out the full article for a lot more experiential photos!!

July 16, 2015

NEW! Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition Issue 29 - Cover Model Jennifer Irene!

Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 29 is Out!! Find out the exciting new additions to the magazine in this issue by clicking the above cover or here!

Beautiful Gem, Samiie M, with DTM Autobody at the Mitsubishi #MOD2015 Event

We Had a Surprise Find of a Beautiful Gem, Samiie M, for the DTM Autobody company at the Mitsubishi MOD Day 2015 Event

(Click photos to view in their original HR size)
Cypress, CA / W&HM Staff
When we roamed around the busy, noisy, and fun vendor area of the Mitsubishi MOD Day 2015 event, we were pleasantly surprised by an eye-catching model at the DTM Autobody booth.  Samiie M, the leggy and tall model has that welcoming personality for us to take several awesome photos of her at the show.  By the cool DTM Autobody cars by the booth, Samiie M gave us many strong and sensual looks that we could bring them back to you here.  We say very good job Samiie!!

July 15, 2015

#Spocom Super Show at Anaheim Convention Center is This Saturday!! @Spocom

2015 Spocom Super Show This Saturday 4pm - 10pm, Don't Miss It!!

Ticket Information: https://spocom.webconnex.com/anaheim-tickets-2015

See you all there!!

July 14, 2015

Angelic Feature Model Tyler Aries for World Wide Lancer Club at Mitsubishi #MOD2015 Day @worldwidelancer

 Sweet and Angelic Feature Model Tyler Aries for World Wide Lancer Club at Mitsubishi #MOD2015 Event

(Click photos to view in their original HR size)
Cypress, CA / W&HM Staff
Our feature model Tyler Aries has a sweet smile on her angelic face that she always greets everybody with.  At the Mitsubishi MOD day event, she showed up with her good friend, World Wide Lancer Club, in a very cute plaid pleated mini skirt.

Even though she was busy shuttling through the huge parking lots full of cool Mitsubishi cars, she managed to have a mini photo shoot by the WWLC cars. From these photos, you can tell that she has a sunny California personality with a tint of flower child coolness.  Tyler will be on an international trip soon, so we all wish her a wonderful trip and look forward to seeing her again soon!

July 13, 2015

Olivia Korte - Radiant Cover Model at Road Race Engineering During Mitsubishi #MOD2015 Car Show @_oko_

 Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Olivia Korte Always Sunny And Bright, at Road Race Engineering, in MOD2015

Cypress, CA / W&HM Staff
Whenever you hear that Olivia Korte, our Wheels and Heels Magazine cover model, will be at a car show, you would know that it is a car show that you would want to go.  Never fails, the moment you meet this amazing and sunny cover model, you would instantly feel uplifting and optimistic about the show, about life and about everything.  Olivia has a naturally stunning smile and friendly personality that simply put everybody in a happy mood.

This time, at the Road Race Engineering booth in MOD2015 hosted by Mitsubishi the car company, Olivia totally out-shined the bright so-Cal high noon sun and brought the festivity mood to the show.  Right next to the booth, like less than 20 feet, cars were doing engine revving and see who can get the loudest without blown out.  Imagine the roaring and chaotic fun all around.  That's what we talk about a cool car event!

July 12, 2015

Quick Highlight of #MOD2015 at Mitsubishi Cypress CA Big Car Meet

Beautiful Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Olivia Korte for Road Race Engineering at the MOD2015 Car Meet
Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Olivia Korte for Road Race Engineering
at the MOD2015 Car Meet at Mitsubishi Headquarter

 An Awesome Big Mitsubishi Car Meet of MOD2015 with Cool Cover Models, Hot Cars and Fun Entertainments

Cypress, CA / Py Pai
This is the first time we attended a 10-year running MOD Day event of Mitsubishi car lover meet at the Mitsubishi Los Angeles Branch Building in Cypress, CA.  We were truly impressed by the showing of the cars at the meet, and the sponsor support in the vendor area.  Our cover model, Olivia Korte and feature model Tyler Aries definitely made the show much more exciting to attend!
Wheels and Heels Magazine Feature Model Tyler Aries for World Wide Lancer Club at the MOD 2015 Car Meet
Wheels and Heels Magazine Feature Model Tyler Aries for World Wide Lancer Club
at the MOD 2015 Car Meet
At the show, besides the sea of Mitsubishi of all kinds and all mods, thee were also live entertainment DJ, engine revving demo, owner packet giveaways, a Skateboard platform, plus two IN-N-OUT Burger trucks, not food trucks, but big trucks!!  All these guarantee a great time to spend on a sunny Saturday afternoon!

We want to thank World Wide Lancer Club to invite us to this event, and Road Race Engineering to have our cover model Olivia Korte to trigger us going!!  We definitely look forward to the next year's repeating food and fun!!

July 11, 2015

Extra Saturday! More More Import Models at #HIN Hot Import Nights Anaheim 2015 @hotimportnights @_KarenDenise_ @BrinaBing

 Many More Radiant Import Models From The Hot Import Nights Anaheim 2015 Show 

Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
Hot Import Nights must have many hot import models, as the legendary rule goes.  At the Anaheim 2015 show, HIN has brought on many import models to celebrate the nation's birthday, July 4th.  These fine import models had full spectrum of energy and personality at the model lounge.  Some were like passionate flowers, some quiet storms, some happy EDM girls, and also the famous omni-present Big Abe as well!  Definitely take the time to see these awesome photos of these awesome import models here...

July 10, 2015

Neo Red Hot Alyhed Morales Model Lounging and Gogo Dancing at #HIN 2015 Anaheim

 Red Hot Alyhed Morales Played Three Key Roles at HIN Anaheim 2015

Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
Alyhed Morales, the awesome gogo talent and cool import model with The Diamond Dozen model team, had a busy day at the HIN Anaheim 2015 event.  The cool model was at the model lounge giving photographers and show goers ample opportunities for a photo and selfies.  Then we rushed to the stage and did a most rigorous gogo dancing, several times throughout the day!  Then, she needed to prepare for the Miss HIN beauty contest later in the night.  We cannot say enough of this wonderful talent showing all her awesome skills!  Our hats off to Aly!!

July 9, 2015

Stunning Miss #HIN Dallas 2015 Marie Madore at Anaheim Show 2015 @MarieMMao @Hotimportnights

 Gorgeous and Sultry Marie Madore, Miss HIN 2015 Dallas Gave So-Cal Car Show Lovers Much Love!

Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
Marie Madore is an ultra sexy model who has been a tremendous force in the car show modeling world lately.  Starting from our coverage last year at the Extreme Autofest Anaheim show, we spotted this gorgeous model in a crowded model lounge.  Then at the HIN San Diego / Del Mar show this year, she really shined as a bright star in the show.  Now we are very happy to see this newly crowned Miss HIN 2015 Dallas coming back to southern California again for Hot Import Nights HIN Anaheim 2015!

Marie has that sultry look that is hard to imitate.  She has that just right amount of sexiness that is not overtly revealing but yet definitely extremely alluring.  Whenever she goes, there is always a crowd with many cameras and fans that would like to capture a close up of her.  Under such hot hospitality, Marie always showed her super star quality and made everyone a welcome friend.  What a great model!!
(click photos for original size.)

* To see more coverage and features of the model, click on the labels below in the gray box. * If you have links to other sources of the model, please add to the comment section. * Model, if you like provide updates, or request changes, please let us know.

July 8, 2015

Import Model Darlings Chelley L and Drea Lynn at #HIN #HotImportNights Anaheim 2015 Model Lounge

 Chelley L, the blonde import model in a beautiful deep cut floral top at 2015 HIN Anaheim
Chelley L, the blonde import model in a beautiful deep cut floral top at 2015 HIN Anaheim

 Sweet Import Models Chelley L and Drea Lynn at the Model Lounge in Hot Import Nights 2015 Anaheim

Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
At the Hot Import Nights (HIN) car show Anaheim 2015, two very sweet models were gaining a lot of attractions and camera clicks.  The cute model Chelley L has grown into a blonde vixen since the the first time we met at the Spec-D Tuning car meet earlier in the year.  Import model Drea Lynn played a dark hair sweet model right next to Chellley L, and sending waves of her beautiful smiles.

These two models have brought the model lounge heat index several degrees higher, with their model passion and alluring looks.  We are very shure that we will see them a lot in future car shows as well!
Dark hair Drea Lynn with sweet smiles an elaborate tatoos attracted a lot of fans at the HIN 2015 Anaheim
Dark hair import model Drea Lynn with sweet smiles an elaborate tattoos
attracted a lot of fans at the HIN 2015 Anaheim
 (Click Photos for Original Size)

July 7, 2015

Super Cute Jessica Wong, Miss HIN OC 2015 @Hotimportnights @jessicuhwong

(Click Photos For Original High Res Size)
 Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
At the Hot Import Nights Anaheim 2015, the air was filled with festive energy, not just because it's July 4th on that day, but also there were many happy and fun loving import models at the model lounge as well as on the stage.  At the Miss HIN search, Jessica Wong stood out and won the Miss HIN OC 2015!  We totally congrat this gorgeous and refreshing beauty for a great achievement!  We first saw Jessica at the Kuya Model Expo earlier in the year.  We were already impressed by her tall and enchanting look.  It's no surprise that she would garner the top honor at the show here.  We definitely look forward to seeing her again soon!
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