December 31, 2008

Jenny Chu is a Hard Working Girl!

Not only she is one of the most popular models in car show, her dedication, hardworking ethics, and her super friendly attitude, as well as really great to her fans are her greatest assets in addition to her wonderful physique and face and her long gorgeous hair...

We love Jenny!

December 29, 2008

More More...

The year end clearance... :-)  Enjoy and have a great new year!!


December 27, 2008


As you can see the challenges are starting to show...  But I like the last picture, as it shows the not seen (photographers).  Very cool.

More Picture Less Words!! :-)

Love these gorgeous ladies with great showmanship...  These are from the Orange County Autoshow Miss Hawaiian Tropic Pageantry.

The shooting angle was really difficult in this one, as the stage is right next you.  Either you make them look "different" or you only get a portion of them.  Tough choice...   More to come!

December 23, 2008

Happy Holiday!

Thank you for all your support over the last few weeks! So far it's been a great journey. I did not know how hard and attentative that a blogger must be, until now.  I think I learned a lot along the way.  Thanks for  your patience!!

I will continue to post more wonderful pictures of these great + great models.  I really owe it all to them!

In the future, the format may change a bit.  The modeling world is full of great talents, and so much to offer out there.  I will be humble and provide the best of best from my work, and share with the world.

Again, I like to thank all the models who shared their wonderful smiles, and showed their splendid features, and tirelessly working ethics.  Hats off to them!

Wish everybody a very productive new year and a great new beginning!!

December 21, 2008

Desaturated Enhancement

This series was shot in a very poor lighting environment (both environmental and self-inflicted).  The results turned out to the mere washed out + over exposed due to the harsh flashlight and no bounce ceiling.  

Somehow in the process of fixing the pictures, I discovered that using the desaturation method, can calm a wounded  exposure, and heal the extreme color contrasts.  The results are more personable, and has that "H, Para Hombres" Magazine's cool effect...  Very nice. :-)

December 18, 2008

To Flash or Not to Flash on a Car Show Event Model

Here are the dilemma... Usually in a showroom, there isn't enough lighting for general purpose of no-flash shooting. Some are really + really dark, like HIN indoor shows. However, adding flash, the colors, the flatness, and the feel are just not realistically reproduced... Okay, we can spend a ton on auxiliary lighting equipments, like an additional flash, plus a softener reflector, or have a guy tag along to hold the softbox and the battery for you,... Well, there is no limit...

The first two are without flash.  They are blurry, but the overall feel is a bit more real, like in place.

Now adding in-camera flash, things are not too bad, but getting flat...

In the following cases, the in-camera flash is really bad, as you can see the projected shadows behind the model, which just ruins everything.

@My Tip: If you plan to shoot more in future show events, spend some money and get an additional flash and soft cap/reflector, no matter how cheap they are.  It's worth it.

December 16, 2008

Tamara in Great Spirit

Tarama is a friendly model, and she is very cooperative with photographers, either the professionals or the amateurs, which is  really appreciated all around.  

The OC Autoshow (Orange County, California) earlier this year did not impress me too much.  However, some of the peripheral activities have energized the show, and Tamara has graced the event there.  She may not be the winner model from the judges' eyes; however, the crowd really got impressed with her easy-to-approach personality.  I think this is what makes a model more popular than the others, being down to earth and real.

@My Tip: Sometimes shooting from behind the model can capture a much better story about the settings and occasion.

December 14, 2008


The strange smoky day gave this series an overall warm glow on Sasha.   It's a natural warmification filter.   She knows how to pose, and accentuate her best angles for the photographer.  She was really patient with different tries and gave photographers no-failure-possible opportunities.  Sasha is wonderful!

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