Gorgeous Marie Madore, Miss HIN Dallas, at #HIN SD 2015 @mariemmao @hotimportnights

Marie Madore, Miss HIN Dallas 2015, at HIN San Diego
Miss HIN Dallas 2015
Marie Madore at HIN SD

Miss HIN Dallas 2015, Marie Madore, Effortlessly Charmed The California HIN Crowd at HIN San Diego 2015

Del Mar, CA / W&HM
This is the first time we met Marie Madore, and it's quite a memorable time we must say!  This young and mesmerizing beauty from Dallas, has that tall and slim and toned figure, which stood out in the crowd of import models at the show.  Marie carried that Texas confidence with her, but with a tint of Asian allure and coyness.  The lethal combination simply is something that the California crowd cannot handle.  Everywhere Marie went, there were people, cameras, flashes, more people following her.  Marie was always so gracious and giving everybody an opportunity for their camera to do their work and let them bring home a great memory of this awesome model!  We definitely see this amazing talent skyrocketing to the superstardom in no time at all!

Sierra Michelle Nacias, Elizabeth Michelle and More Vendor Models at #HIN San Diego 2015 @Hotimportnights

Sierra Michelle Nacias at  HIN 2015 San Diego
Sierra Michelle Nacias at
HIN 2015 San Diego

Beautiful and Talented Models Abound at the 2015 HIN Hot Import Nights San Diego Show, Including Sierra Michelle Nacias, Elizabeth Michelle and More!

Del Mar, CA / W&HM

At the 2015 Hot Import Nights (HIN) show in San Diego, Del Mar Playground, we met several cool models at the model lounge and even more stunning models at the vendor booths.

Elizabeth Michelle in red for  Valvoline at 2015 HIN SD
Elizabeth Michelle in red for
Valvoline at 2015 HIN SD 
We met Sierra Michelle Nacias for VM and Elizabeth Michelle for Valvoline, plus more models.  They are all so gorgeous and friendly.  These models were definitely getting attendees' attention and got their feet stopped at the booth and check out the vendors' offerings.

We've covered Elizabeth Michelle for a long time.  She always brings her fashion A-game to the car show world, which is a very refreshing style to a crowded field that waits this fashion injection.  You can find a lot more coverage of Elizabeth Michelle [here].

The 2015 HIN Los Angeles show is coming up soon!  It's on September 19, 2015,  and the location is the same as the last year's downtown San Pedro street blocks.  It will be fun and cool!  Definitely check it out if you are in the area!!

Cute Mfest Model Cindy Garcia with Sandra Wong at Bimmerfest 2015

A Very Cute Mfest Model, Cindy Garcia, in Neon Lemon Yellow with Sandra Wong in Neon Pink Sleeveless at Bimmerfest 2015

Fontana, CA / W&HM Staff
At the overcast sky Bimmerfest 2015 show, it's great to see beautiful models in bright neon color uniform.  They reminded us the hot and fun car show culture here in southern California.  At the MFest booth, they had their top model, also our cover model, Sandra Wong at the booth, and together with a very cute and gifted model, Cindy Garcia, both in that neon color sleeveless shirts, looking totally cute and awesome!
We've met Cindy a few times in the past, but this is the most memorable occasion that we can remember.  Cindy is a petite quiet storm model that has full passion about modeling, which shown through her confident and on the spot chemistry connection.  While during the early hours of the show, it was still just chilly, but near the end of the show, it got really cold, so Cindy put on a black jacket like a baller walking into a posh casino ready to be paparazzi'd!  We definitely see Cindy getting her rising fame a good push and look forward to seeing her again in future events!

Two Gorgeous #Klassen Wheels Models, Cover Model Ashley Twomey and Helena Milana at #Bimmerfest 2015 @ashley2me

 Cover Model Ashley Twomey and Model Helena Milana Looking Stunning for Klassen Wheels at Bimmerfest 2015

Fontana, CA / W&HM Staff
Under the unusual gloomy weather back in May this year, 2015, Bimmerfest was at full bloom in the new sprawling venue at Autoclub Speedway parking lot in Fontana, CA.  One of the catchy spot in the entire big show was the Klassen Wheels booth.  Not only they had their sleek design wheels on display, they also  had two gorgeous fashion models at the helm.  The bright red dress is almost like right out of the Matrix movie simulation screen.  However, the dynamic duo was nothing like the simulation!  Our cover model Ashley Twomey has bright smiles and super warm personality and gorgeous appearance!  Her model companion at the show was Helena Milana, who seemed to come right out of the Paris fashion runway.  We highly applaud the great hires by the Klassen team and the immensely great job that the two did!!

Sweet Cover Model Angelina Andrada and Model Sylvia Daniels at The Rohana Wheels Booth in 2015 Bimmerfest @Rohanawheels

 Sweet Cover Model Angelina Andrada And Sylvia Daniels at the Bimmerfest for Rohana Wheels

Fontana, CA / W&HM Staff
It's always good to see our cover model Angelina Andrada!!  She is always so sunny and bright, radiating through her beautiful smile.  At the Bimmerfest 2015 in Fontana, CA, Angelina is at the Rohana Wheels booth.  The elegant uniform by Rohana accentuated the wonderful curves of Angelina and highlighted her welcoming personality.  Together with the metal wheels on display, Angelina gave us a flawless performance of her promotional work!

We are so happy that we may work with her again.  Definitely once we have more awesome photos of her, we will bring them to you!!

We Have a Brand Home Page Layout!

September 1, 2015 / Los Angeles / Py Pai
We are very excited to have a brand new look for the magazine's home page! This layout shows that we have wide coverage of promotional personalities as well as cars/bikes and motorsports all across the country!  We figure that you would like it because the new format ...
  • shows a quick scan of the newest feeds of cars and models
  • is animated, so it's more fun to read!
  • has the most popular sections' highlights on the home page
  • lets you pick single article or go directly to the full listing
  • is still free!!
If you truly prefer the old format, you can always bookmark the following link:  http://www.wheelsandheelsmag.com/index.html  We would love to hear what you think about this new format and any suggestions!!  Leave us a comment at the bottom!  Thank you!
Best / Py Pai
Editor in Chief

Our Awesome Cover Model Arley Elizabeth! Here at #modauto Booth at #Bimmerfest 2015 @arrrrlz

The Amazing and Talented Cover Model Arley Elizabeth at the Bimmerfest for Mod Auto

Fontana, CA / W&HM Staff
It's been a long time that we have seen Arley Elizabeth, our awesome cover model.  It's not that she is not coming to shows, nor are we getting lazy.  Actually Arley is busier than ever and landing gigs left and right and west and east.  We have been non-stopped around the shows in the so-Cal area, sometimes even in the same event with Arley, but the timing and the geographical coincidence are two other factors that Newtown's Laws of Motion did not factor in for us...

Nonetheless, we got some photos that we have not published of Arley and would love to share with you here just to show how awesome Arley is.  Arley is always so cheerful when you see her.  She is so friendly when you talk to her.  Arley would not give you a dull moment either visually or mentally when you take a picture of her.  We totally love shooting with her and we totally miss her for the longest time!

Hopefully we will see her a lot more, bending the current time and space relativity curse, and get the big shows to get us for awesome photo ops!!  And here are the past glimpses of Arley Elizabeth under our great captures!!  Check them out there!!
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