Vendor Brand Promotional Girls Rocked at #Spocom Super Show 2015 @NikkiAlexis

Nikki Howard, Alexis Naiomi, and More Vendor Promotional Girls at Huge Spocom Super Show 2015

Anaheim, CA / W&HM

At the Spocom Super Show 2015 in Anaheim Convention Center, the venue is huge and vendor space is sprawling end to end inside the convention center.  Among the sea of vendors, there are many mermaids on these standalone islands.  You would see them busy signing their autograph posters to the long line of waiting attendees.  Or they were busy chatting with their fans and staffs.  Or they were really good at getting people to sign up for the companies email lists.  Or they were simply being gorgeous and let the camera and fans do the marketing for them and their companies.

At the end of the coverage of Spocom Super Show 2015, we have these cute ladies to celebrate the wonderful time that we had taking pictures of these happy and talented models.  We sure cannot wait to see them again in the next Spocom show, or even more, any future shows that they will attend!!

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Nikki Howard (Official Toyo Tire Girl)

 Alexis Naiomi (DayUUM Girl)

Levy Vee (Street Standard Promo Girl)

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