#IDRC Import Model Lounge at The Hot Fontana Import Drag Race Event (Part 2) @brinabing @jasmyn_skye @jdmsport

Import Drag Race Competitions Heated Up at The Model Lounge With Hot Import Models 

Fontana, CA / W&HM Staff
During the West Coast IDRC event, the first time we visited the import drag racing event.  And one of the key attractions is the model lounge that filled with many cute import models.  We have met many models that have pretty much outnumbered the photographers and fans at the event as we have indicated in the last part of the coverage.  This was simply music to our ears and apples to our eyes.  That means that we could spend more time on each model at the show and really captured their awesome coolness!

At the show, we met up Jasmyn Skye (JDM Sport / Cerwin Vega), and Tina D (So Sweet), Charlelen Lo, Chanel Li, Sabrina Bing at the model lounge.  We were very happy to see them despite the heat has gotten to all of us in the high afternoon.  The organization has done a wonderful job and established themselves as a budding force in the model lounge appearance.  We definitely look forward to the late October International champion event again this year!!
Jasmyn Skye for JDM Sport / Cerwin Vega

 So Sweet Girl Tina D (So Sweet!)

 Model Lounge

 Chanel Li

Charlene Lo and Sabrina Bing

 The DJ

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