Big Highlight of Day 2 at ECC 2015 by Clinton Lum @Calibre68

The Continuation of Gorgeous Models at The ECC Vaping Convention, Coverage by Clinton Lum

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Pomona, CA / W&HM Staff
With the help of our sage contributing photographer, Clinton Lum, we got a peek into the smoky wonderful world of ECC vaping convention's cool and cute models.

As we mentioned last time that many of our cover and feature models showed up at the convention.  Here we have Brittani Paige, Arley Elizabeth, as well as many others that we are super happy to see them there!
Definitely the line up of the models could easily outperform many car shows in the So-Cal region.  The sheer number and the professionalism of these models are like a summation of the great promotional models in the line up here.  At the same time, we totally see the powerful hiring power that these vaping companies possess when it comes to the promotional activities.  On the one hand, we are sad to see the declination of the import models market valuation across car shows, but we totally see where the money and interests are flowing in this direction, and provided a fertile ground for the models to come and grow and become super stars!

We will check out next year's ECC event for sure to see these amazing models as well as the new faces too!

BIG Highlight of ECC 2015 by Clinton Lum Day 1 @calibre68

Huge Vaping Convention ECC 2015 Crowded With Huge Name Models for Promotions, Highlights from Clinton Lum

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Pomona, CA / W&HM Staff
The ever growing vaping convention, ECC, this year had a huge presence, occupying four convention halls at the Pomona Fairplex center.  That's like two or three major car shows combined!  The industry has become the new market for promotional models.

In many of familiar faces of the models, we also found a lot of new faces that we've never seen before.  Luckily, our sage contributing photographer Clinton Lum, has worked and walked tirelessly across the convention halls, and captured tons of great photos in this two-days event.

We can see our cover models like Sandra Wong, Arley Elizabeth, Olivia Korte, Angelina Andrada, as well as Ashley Twomey, plus many featured and car show models that most of you would be very familiar with too.  Overall, it's a very smoky but fun event.  Here are the highlight photos of these amazing models on Day 1!  Day 2 will follow soon!

Cute Donuts N Wheels Girls Having Fun Under 111F Degrees Heat

Extreme Heat Did Not Deter The Fun These Cute Donuts N Wheels Girls Were Having!

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Chino, CA / W&HM Staff
The Donuts N Wheels Team had brought out several super cool and mega cute models to enhance the model lounge appeal and add extra fun to the show event.

They had our feature model, Amanda Kerr, here at the show demonstrating how to beat the 111F degree heat buy way of icy ice cream at hand, tantalizing for sure!!

Natalie Maurie simply added the heat index several fold with her sultry expression and alluring poses. We could not image in the heat index on the metal where she was sitting. It must be torching hot for both the car and Natalie!
Catalina Brazil was busy at the show. Not only she was at the model lounge, interacting with attendees and her fans, she also was hosting the giveaways at the JDM Sport booth, and award winners with kisses.  The bright smiles on Catalina is her trademark, and always sends her charms without any efforts made.  Catalina is a total natural interpersonal model!

The Stunning Blonde Cover Model Jessica Weaver foir ACE Alloy Wheels at #DonutsNWheels @jessicakes33

Under The Sun, Under The Shade, Our Cover Model Jessica Weaver is Always Gorgeous No Matter Where

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Jessica Weaver was destined to be a super promo model ever since she started in the industry.  She has the gorgeous look, a non-assuming personality, business savvy brain, and very kind heart.  With her huge followings and immense popularity, Jessica is definitely a super star shining brightly across the sky!

Here at the Donuts N Wheels car show, Jessica represented ACE Alloy Wheels and made a great impression on all the car show attendees, as well as being the awarding trophy celebrity for the sound off competition.  Whenever you talk to Jessica, you always have a clam feeling, and taking pictures of her a glamour moment!  Ace definitely made an ace decision to have Jessica on board for the brand!  Great job all!

Engine Powers and Eye Candies at The Donuts N Wheels Car Show at Ace Alloy Wheels HQ

 The Hot Weather, Hot Models , And Hot Pipes at The 2015 Donuts N Wheels Car Show at Ace Alloy Wheels HQ

Chino, CA / Py Pai
The perfect temperature inside a boiled egg is 160F degrees.  That's how we felt when we were at the Donuts N Wheels car show. The reading on our dashboard indicated 112F degrees and it's just the outside temperature.  However, despite the exhausting heat, car enthusiasts as well as model followers faithfully gathered at the Ace Alloy Wheels headquarter in the city of Chino, CA for a great community spirit and show of their support to the prominent Ace Alloy Wheels brand.

Right at the gate, we encountered the awesome model line up, especially with our cover model Jessica Weaver and our feature model Amanda Kerr, together with Catalina Brazil, Natalie Maurie, and Cassandra Love.  Even though heat is one of the worst enemies for a promo model, these high spirited models still withstood the relentless sun above, hot metal right next to them, and glaring reflections all around, gave everybody a chance to capture a great picture of models and cars.  We sincerely salute these great models for their professionalism and great hospitality that made show such a great success.

Then we witnessed the wide angle view of lines of cars.  There were all kinds, all makes, and all models.  Right next to the ACE booth is a bright yellow Lambo, and the opposite end would be 37 horsepower, the very first Honda car introduced to the US, 1970 Honda An600!  This would give a proper perspective of the car mix that were at the show.

Models and cars along do not make the show stop there,  At the end of the show, there was a sound off competition to see whose car can rev up the engine music to the best, who would also be awarded by our lovely cover model Jessica Weaver with a trophy!

Overall, this is a fun and great event, despite the heat index reached at an insane level...  Great job team Donuts N Wheels!

ECC Models Abundant at The Huge Vaping Convention (ECC) Pomona

Cover Model Ashley Twomey for  Wud Real Wood Skins e-Cigs
Cover Model Ashley Twomey for
Wud Real Wood Skins e-Cigs

 See Who We Found in One Short Hour at The ECC Vaping Convention!!  Our Cover Models and More ECC Models!!

Pomona, CA / Py Pai
(Click photos to view in their original HR size)

From last year's report filed by our sage photographer Clinton Lum that the ECC event had a lot of the models that we are familiar with.  This year, we extracted some time to investigate and we were totally surprised!  The ECC models are pretty much a huge replicate of car show industry.  That proves the promotional professionals have no boundaries in their diverse line of work!  From the survey of the model demographics there, we can tell that there is a good mixture of seasoned pros and new faces, as well as highly polished and EDM ready.  It represents a good wild wild west frontier spirit in this formation phase of the industry.

Cover Model Anglina Andrada for KILO
 We only had a short hour, but there are 4 huge halls to go through!  Just within that small time frame, before being 2nd-hand-vaped out, we saw many amazing talents, including three of our cover models, Ashley Twomey, Angelina Andrada, Olivia Korte, plus one who we missed Arley Elizabeth!  Simply this stat is enough for us to drop our jaws and commend the hiring power that this industry posses.  And for this exact one hour encountering, we are pretty sure that we just scratched the surface of these ECC models, only figuratively.

The gianormous setups of the convention halls, filled with dense vape made you feel like you are entering a movie set where smoke machine is on overdrive, like a heroic entry or something.  Hundreds of vendors had all their marketing weapons fully deployed.  You would see promo models, foam hats, swag bags, free stickers, trial juices, shouting contest, boom-blasting DJs, and many other convention tricks that are used time and time again.  This is definitely a maturing market!
Olivia Korte for Space Jam
Many of the ECC models carried double duties of being beautiful and being helpful.  Not only the beauty provided a friendly atmosphere, the helpfulness sealed the deals for demo or conversion.  For various marketing spending, we do see highly effective ROI if you hire the right promo personalities.

In conclusion, the one hour tour is like a trip to the outer space, via a space shuttle, and back on earth at the 110F degrees so-Cal weather out there.  We were so happy to see these amazing ECC models, especially our cover models!   They represent the best of the best and pros in the pros.  Actually you can see all of our cover models here at our print issue section.

Next year, we sure would make this a must-check-out event, and see who else we can find out if we have two hours?!
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