Sprightly and Sunny Arley Elizabeth for Dark Souls III at #E3 2015 @arrrrlz

 Arley Elizabeth Our Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Always Looks so Sprightly and Sunny!

Los Angeles, CA / W&HM Staff
 Arley Elizabeth, a mega popular and busy model, as well as our Wheels and Heel Magazine cover model, twice, showed her sunny side at the E3 Show 2015, by the Dark Souls III booth.

No matter when you point your camera to Arley, she would give you a seriously sweet portrait, and then a relaxed fun pose, and sometimes, even a fully animated action pose.  Her bright mind runs at the speed of light, and her thoughts can come from all directions. That's why we so love her, for her sweet friendliness and unique independent thinking personality!

At the Dark Souls III set, constructed by the Prestige Marketing team, the full experience of the game-comes-to-life with the game character around, and a functioning fountain.  This is definitely an experience to have and photos to take!

Quick 5 of Amy Fay for Dark Souls III at #E3 2015 @theeamyfay

 Amy Fay, The Super Fun, Sultry, Playful and Captivating Import Model, We have 5 Quick Snaps of Her at the Dark Souls III in the E3 Show 2015

Los Angeles, CA / W&HM Staff
We've known Amy Fay for many years.  We saw her growing from a girl next door to her super stardom in the import modeling kingdom. Here at the E3 2015 show, Dark Souls III, marketed by Prestige Marketing, Amy showed us her quiet quality of a superstar yet full of playful fun and incredible connection that she can project at any moment of a pose or a look.  That's the super modeling we talk about!  We got a few seconds and took these 5 breathtaking shots of Amy to demonstrate our points...

#E3 Models, An Inside View at E3 2015 Show by Clinton Lum @calibre68

An Inside View of the E3 2015 Exhibit Hall on the Game-Thematic Costume Models and Enterprise T-Shirt Girls

Los Angeles, CA / Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM Staff
After an outside view of the coverage of the E3 show 2015 last week, this time, our sage contributor Clinton Lum has brought us the inside view directly from the E3 show exhibit halls.  The gaming industry has outgorwn the size of the movie entertainment, and it seems to be an inevitable path to charge on.  Many movies now are based on the best selling games and thus created a dominance of the money, creativity, and communities across the markets. 

However, it was similar to the past years' presences, more elaborated costume models were limited in their number.  Occasionally you would spot some of them, but it's not thing like the old days, where you get a team of character based models in full costume and actually know the game plays and can also kick most people's behinds.

We sure hope that future E3 will allow more creative display of the space, games, displays, as well as the promotional personalities.

Nonetheless, the great models from the E3 2015 show are here, brought to you by Clinton Lum!!

Captivating Ela Pasion at #ExtremeAutofest Anaheim 2015 Model Lounge @MissElaPasion @EAFCarshows

 The Forever Elegant and Captivating Ela Pasion at the Extreme Autofest Model Lounge

Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
Ela Pasion, the innocent, beautiful, elegant, yet sultry and alluring import model was a highlight of the Extreme Autofest model lounge.  Her retro vintage wardrobe and accessories transformed her into an exotic 1930's goddess who would appear on big silver screens, worshiped by droves of men and also by plethora of her followers, in an over-budget Hollywood silent film. We don't know why we had that image, but it seemed fitting with this top status awesome talent!

Amazing Cover Model Sandra Wong at #ExtremeAutofest Anaheim 2015 @thesandrawong

 Quick Caps of Our Amazing Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Sandra Wong at Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2015

Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
We knew we would be in luck to see our Wheels and Heels Magazine cover model Sandra Wong at this year's Extreme Autofest Anaheim, because she is the official model of the big event.  We certainly did not leave empty handed.  We got a great window of opportunity to capture some quick shots of this beautiful and wonderful cover model, before she is swamped by her fans and her new fans.

Sandra always has a special place in our team's heart.  It's not just because she is being more and more beautiful, she is also awesomely photogenic in front of our camera.  On top of these, she is our intelligent contributing adviser, AND she has a real kind heart and a brilliant head.  Not only she has innovative ideas about our business, she also remembers things that we worked together.  That totally shows that she genuinely care about her friends and fans, and is always so  elegant and gentle with people.

Sandra totally won our vote for being a super star at the Extreme Autofest Anaheim this year!!  Thank you Sandra!!

Sunny and Bright Cover Model Ashley Twomey for Continental Tire at #ExtremeAutofest Anaheim 2015 @Ashley2me @continentaltire

 Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Ashley Twomey, Stunningly Gorgeous, for Continental Tire at Extreme Autofest 2015

Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
In a recent print issue of Wheels and Heels Magazine, Ashley Twomey graced the cover of the magazine with her sheer brilliance and ravishing beauty.  Again at the Continental Tire booth in Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2015, Ashley brought her full charms to the show and gave everybody amazing photo ops as well as poster personally autographed by her!

Don't be fooled by the amazing looking blonde of Ashley, she is also a super brainy career woman who achieved high position in an energy drink company, and constantly travels all over the country.  We will definitely see more of her in the future!!

Check out the full article here for more Ashley Twomey's coverage at the show...

Huge Highlights of Extreme Autofest Models and Cars at Anaheim 2015 @EAFCarshows #extremeautofest

Huge Highlight Coverage of Hot Models and Flashy Cars at Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2015

Anaheim, CA / Py Pai

Extreme Autofest Car Shows

Extreme Autofest is a annual gathering place for trending import models and mod cars.  There are two locations, one in Anaheim, and one in San Diego.  Especially in the main Anaheim event, many import models from both local and even out of state came in drove to attend this event.  They vie for a chance to get more acquaintances of their fan base and more opportunity to display their merchandise.
The cars in Extreme Autofest are also not giving in to their female counterpart.  They show the inside beauty under the hood, or behind the closed doors, as well as outside beauty of gorgeous paint arts, or exotic finish texture.

 Cover and Feature Models, Import Models, and Model Lounge

The import models at the Extreme Autofest are very energetic and a wide mixture of Asian, Hispanic, as well as other "minor" import model ethnicity.  They display the upbeat, interactive, and playful persons in front of the show goers and cameras.

We are very happy to see several of our Wheels and Heels Magazine cover models at the show, including our immaculate contributing adviser and official Extreme Aufofest model Sandra Wong, recent featured Ashley Twomey, to be on the cover Brittani Paige, also previous cover Elena Romanova, as well as our feature models including long-time-no-see Amanda Kerr and Mecca Madison!  It's like a great retrospect and future-spect of our lovely featured talents!

 The model lounge is the staple of Extreme Autofest. There was no shortage of import models in the lounge.  As always in the past, there is a theme for the model to dress up.  This year, we believe is the 20's or 30's vintage look.  Some of the models pull it off just like the roaring twenties, and some are just as glamorous as golden thirties.  It was full of festive atmosphere aided by the dry steam from the hot weather!

 Flashy Cars and Awesome Mods

The cars in Extreme Autofest this year were full of different delights.  There were super cool chrome wrapped R1-Concepts car, and highly articulated tuner cars, as well as stunning paint art.  The sheer scale of these upgrades and modifications made the show a lot more fun and eye-catching!

We totally tip our caps to these dedicated car lovers and sponsoring vendors.  These awesome people bring the creativity, artistry, excitement and professionalism to the community and the general public.

Now let's take a look at this year's Extreme Autofest hot models and coll cars in this huge coverage highlight!
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