Quick Snaps of Awesome Toyo Tires Models Nikki Howard and Sydney Maler @NikkiAlexis @SydneyaMaler

 Gorgeous and Athletic Toyo Models Nikki Howard and Sydney Maler at West Coast Car Wheel & Tire Show 

La Mirada, CA / W&HM Staff
At the WCCWTShow, Toyo Tires booth was very popular, not just because they had a big display, not just because they had super cool cars; it's also because they had two Toyo models giving away their autographed posters to the show attendees.  Nikki Howard and Sydney Maler both made the Toyo booth with their charm a great attraction at the show.  With their brunette and blonde combination, they were the total package for the company.

Since they were so popular, we only got a few quick shots of them, but these are enough to tell just how awesome they!!

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