Triple Crown Cover Models and Friends at #DarkSouls3 in #E3 2015 @constance_nunes @arrrlz

 Our Triple Crown Cover Models, Jessica Weaver, Constance Nunes, Arley Elizabeth and Friends for Dark Souls III at E3 Show

Los Angeles, CA / by Py Pai
This year's E3 show 2015 has something special.  At the Dark Souls III booth, we saw a gigantic display of a fountain of dark blood, bossed by the tall dark not-so-handsome evil character.  But that grande visual is well played by the gorgeous E3 models surrounding it, especially they are our Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Models, including Jessica Weaver, Constance Nunes, and Arley Elizabeth!!!
The genius of the marketing team who built this virtual-realistic set and accompanied it with such cute and eye-arresting models, is pure gold.  We totally tip our hats to this amazing display both the virtual world and the real world!

Together with our cover models are the great models, like Amy Fay, Sarah Top and an remained-anonymous model.  Together they formed a highly formidable attraction point at the E3 Show 2015!!

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