6 Quick Caps of Cover Model Constance Nunes for Dark Souls III at #E3 2015

 The Brilliance of Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Constance Nunes at E3 2015 Show for Bandai's Dark Souls III

Los Angeles, CA / W&HM Staff
Our Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Constance Nunes is a genius of modeling.  Not only she can pull the cool Sports Illustrated look effortlessly, she can also do super high fashion as well as hyper promotional.  No matter what she does, she always strikes a stunning imagery on our camera, and to that, we have the highest respect to this super model!
E3 2015 is a perfect platform for Constance to play at the show.  She can be in character even though her costume is not character based, at the Bandai's Dark Soulds III booth.  She can throw a pose that totally transform the moment into a believable movie scene.  That comes from all sides of the brain to achieve that!  Marvelous!!

To see the print issue article of Constance Nunes, check out this page, after  you view through all the six photos coverage here...

Triple Crown Cover Models and Friends at #DarkSouls3 in #E3 2015 @constance_nunes @arrrlz

 Our Triple Crown Cover Models, Jessica Weaver, Constance Nunes, Arley Elizabeth and Friends for Dark Souls III at E3 Show

Los Angeles, CA / by Py Pai
This year's E3 show 2015 has something special.  At the Dark Souls III booth, we saw a gigantic display of a fountain of dark blood, bossed by the tall dark not-so-handsome evil character.  But that grande visual is well played by the gorgeous E3 models surrounding it, especially they are our Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Models, including Jessica Weaver, Constance Nunes, and Arley Elizabeth!!!
The genius of the marketing team who built this virtual-realistic set and accompanied it with such cute and eye-arresting models, is pure gold.  We totally tip our hats to this amazing display both the virtual world and the real world!

Quick Snaps of Awesome Toyo Tires Models Nikki Howard and Sydney Maler @NikkiAlexis @SydneyaMaler

 Gorgeous and Athletic Toyo Models Nikki Howard and Sydney Maler at West Coast Car Wheel & Tire Show 

La Mirada, CA / W&HM Staff
At the WCCWTShow, Toyo Tires booth was very popular, not just because they had a big display, not just because they had super cool cars; it's also because they had two Toyo models giving away their autographed posters to the show attendees.  Nikki Howard and Sydney Maler both made the Toyo booth with their charm a great attraction at the show.  With their brunette and blonde combination, they were the total package for the company.

Since they were so popular, we only got a few quick shots of them, but these are enough to tell just how awesome they!!

Cover Model Angelina Andrada and Friend Charlene Lo In Action for #F1RWheels at #WCCWTShow

 Sprightly Cover Model Angelina Andrada and Friend Charlene Lo for F1R Wheels at West Coast Car Wheel & Tire Show 2015

La Mirada, CA / W&HM Staff
Our sprightly cover model Angelina Andrada, and her cheerful friend Charlene Lo at the F1R Wheels booth, at the West Coast Car Wheel and Tire Show 2015, showed their loves to the attendees, and to our camera, and more cameras, and video cameras too!

Definitely also check out the behind the scene captures during a video filming of the two in front of the F1R Wheels show car!  Also Angelina is our cover model of Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 23!

Ultra Fun and Beautiful 2Crave Models Elizabeth Velasquez and Lisa Lee Marie at #wccwtshow @LizVelasquez @LisaLeeMarie13 @2Crave

 Double The Fun with Beautiful Cover Model Elizabeth Velasquez and Lisa Lee Marie at 2Crave in West Coast Car Wheel and Tire Show

La Mirada, CA / W&HM Staff
2Crave Wheels is always one of our very top beloved wheels companies.  The high designs of their products, and great range of selections, as well as super impressive car show presence and display, all represent the awesomeness of this great brand.  At the hot West Coast Car Wheel & Tire Show, 2Crave had two hot + hot models giving out freebies to the lucky participants.  Our Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Elizabeth Velasquez as well as our Feature Model Lisa Lee Marie, totally made the scene even more fun!

Whenever we pointed our camera at them, they are always so fun, animated, energetic, sparky at play for us.  We just could not stop being impressed by their fun spirits despite the heat around them, and the high popularity of the booth.  We totally salute to these two amazing models!  After reading this article in full, definitely check out more coverage of these amazing 2Crave models in our magazine!

Big Highlight of Sunshinny Top Models at West Coast Car Wheel & Tire Show #WCCWTSHOW

BRIGHT and HOT Cover Models With More Super Fun Promo Models at First West Coast Car Wheel & Tire Show"

 La Mirada, CA / Photos and Text by Py Pai
This is the first "West Coast Car Wheel & Tire Show", here in the sunny and very warm La Mirada, CA, not too far from downtown LA.  Judging the attendees' interests, and vendor presences, as well as promotional model showings, this is a highly successful event.  We give them many kudos for having such a great show!

The weather is finally coming back to the normal hot hot hot state of temperature.  However, it is not as hot as the models at the show.  We saw many of our cover and feature models, including Olivia Korte, Angelina Andrada, Elizabeth Velasquez, Lisa Lee Marie, Crystal Mendez!!  Their sunny smiles and affectionate personality just raised the mercury several degrees higher!  If there is nominal temperature of 87F, then the feel-like temperature would be well above 100F!!

The show is in the parking lot and truck way of a big warehouse.  The cars in the show are of special breeds, and some of them we don't see before.  Then the vendor presence density is BIG, so together with their promotional models too.  For the first year event, this is an amazing achievement, and we highly salute to the organizer of this great event!

Here we bring back the beauties and sexies of the show models, by kicking off with a "Red, White, and Blue" theme to celebrate the upcoming July 4th!!

Definitely check out all the great models in this article!

Frolicsome Franchesca Del Carpio and Kimberly Kinsley for #VIBEMotorsports at #Bimmerfest 2015 @franchescadc

So Much Frolicking Fun at VIBE Motorsports with The Diamond Dozen Models Franchesca DC and Kimberly Kinsley at Bimmerfest 2015

Fontana, CA / W&HM Staff
Super Top Model Franchesca DC is always at the top of the game when she is at an event.  It never fails; every time, we captured some of the best photos from events are attributed to her!  This time at the Bimmerfest 2015 together with The Diamond Dozen Model Kimberly Kinsley, we got a front row seat of this super fun couple having a frolicking good time at the VIBE Motorsports.
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