Jenny Ladner and More Blondes in 2013 #CES

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - We ran up to Jenny in a hurry (she was in a hurry), but she still gave us a couple of cool headphone poses.  Always a great model!
And we have a few more blonde models at the CES show.

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Costumes Everywhere, Even Super Ninja Suit Too #CES

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - At the 2013 CES, there are many different thematic costumes, given that it was taken place at Las Vegas.  The cheerleader costume came out top here.

Then we have a game show host costume too.  Look how we can make the model so happy! :-)
Then the "showgirl" showgirl head dress.  Very cool!
If ninja has an updated version standard uniform, probably this would be one of the first coming to mind.  Of course, in the digital world, it would be green... ;->

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Feel Like a Harlem Shake About to Break Out Anytime at #CES

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - We took the above picture from the 2013 CES Expo.  In the contempo theme, we feel like there is a Harlem Shake about to break out and tons of CES attendees will show off their gadget-like moves!!  Very interesting!  Wouldn't it be nice to see one in CES, right?
We ,met up the two lovely Luvvitt models who did a fantastic job in showing their products.
On the opposite spectrum, the Urchin girl looks sporty and ready to take on any mountain climbing or building scaling challenges with her personal boom box!
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Franchesca Del Carpio - W&HM 2013 Mar Cover Model

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - (continued from previous interview)
W&HM: And your favorite car, IF you have all the money in the world?
Franchesca: Black Bentley Continental GTC

W&HM: Very cool! Last two questions. Where can people find you and The Diamond Dozen?
Franchesca: We currently hold a poker game every Friday in Orange, CA with our sexy Diamond Dealers and you can find us rocking the go-go boxes at Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim, CA every Saturday.
W&HM: What would you like to say to all your fans out there? 
Franchesca: Thank you so much for the support and good energy. All the positive vibes go right back to you.

This concludes the interview and the editorial portion of the feature.  We look forward to many more great working opportunities with Franchesca and her The Diamond Dozen team!  

To find more about Franchesca, please visit her FB page:
Also don't forget to take a look at our print version. The e-copy is free with the paid print version:

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Franchesca Del Carpio - W&HM 2013 Mar Cover Model

Los Angeles, CA (Py) -

Editor's note: we are still experimenting the balance of the contents between the print and the web versions.  We intend to make the best photos to be in the print format for a couple of reasons.  They look awesome in high resolution, especially in the e-copy of the print version.  Also the print version provides a direct way to support the magazine by our readers.  We will still continue to improve our magazine contents to suit your likes (that includes Facebook likes too.)  If you have any suggestions, please leave us a comment.  We read them all!  Thanks!

(Continued from the previous segment...)

W&HM: Cool!  Could you share one quote that you really like?
Franchesca: "Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt and dance like no one is watching.


W&HM: How about your favorite color?
Franchesca: I love turquoise. My whole apt is turquoise lol.

(to be continued...)
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W&HM Cover Model - Franchesca Del Carpio

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - We are double excited about having Franchesca Del Carpio graced our March issue.  Franchesca is not only an amazing model, she is a mega model.  She is gorgeous, has excellent physique and flawless appearance, and is truly professional, resourceful, and highly motivated.  This is only 50% of her.  Applying the other side of her brain, Franchesca is also a great business woman with strong leadership.  She is the CEO of The Diamond Dozen, managing many aspects of the business.

You say, "wow, she is really amazing!" and we say "indeed, indeed!"  That's why we are so happy to be able to have her as our cover model, as well as a role model for many models!

Now let's learn more about her!  Here is an excerpt of the interview with Franchesca.  The full interview can be found in our print edition [ext link].

W&HM: Franchesca, we are extremely happy that you grace our feature cover!  You are so dedicated, professional, smart and awesome to work with!  You are truly a role model of models!
Franchesca: Thank you so much.

W&HM: We know that you are the CEO of The Diamond Group.  That is so impressive!  Could you tell us a bit about The Diamond Dozen?  It sounds so cool!
Franchesca: I started booking models for a major alcohol distributor in 2007. I quickly realized how rare it is to find responsible models, so I decided to create The Diamond Dozen to insure clients that not only were they hiring beautiful girls but also punctual, professional and personable models.

W&HM: That is so awesome!  Our hats off to you!  What is one secret of success that you can share with our readers?
Franchesca: Networking and respecting the clients time is key.

(to be continued...)
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March Issue Featuring Franchesca Del Carpio!

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - We are extremely excited about this issue. This is our second issue, but just like the Web 2.0, it's taking shape and becoming a life changing milestone, well, our magazine's life at least, and hopefully yours too.

We are very happy to have the CEO of The Diamond Dozen, Franchesca Del Carpio, to be our cover model.  She is not only a super gorgeous and flawless model, she is an excellent and business-wise entrepreneur as well.  Find out more about her secrets of success and her bright personality in this issue.

We also have the 2013 Lotus Evora and Exige as our awesome car companions to Franchesca.  So many beauties!

2013 CES car report is full of great pictures of this uber mega electronic show.  And also we have 2012 W&HM Top models, chosen by you!  The pictorial of these great models can keep the pages alive for a long time.

Then we conclude with our cool model, Marissa Harman.  She graced our web cover on December 2010 issue.  We are so happy to see her again and excited to work with her again!  She is so talented!!

Our print edition provides an opportunity for you to support our longevity to continue to bring you top quality imagery coverage of great models, cool cars, and exciting actions.  

Please support us by purchasing the magazines.  We thank you for that and strive to bring even better work to  you.

Going forward, we are planning to include a free digital version in every print version.  You will find HQ pictures embedded in the digital PDF file to be very satisfying. :-)

Thanks for all the encouragements!  We appreciate them a lot.  Look forward to a wonderful future for all!

Best / Py
Chief Editor / Lead Photographer
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