A Car Meet With Big Stars - Car Meet X FD Tech Day

Irvine, CA (W&HM) - We did not expect a boutique car meet would turn out some many people, cars, and big name models.  Awesome!  D Sport Magazine had many great models at their booth signing calendars / posters to the enthusiastic crowd.  Then many cool cars showed up at a parking lot in Irvine, with all kinds of mods and prints and quip's.  The weather was gently warm, not yet scorching hot.  The atmosphere was relaxed, cool, and festive.  It's a perfect blend of people, car, and fun.  Our cover model Melyssa Grace [featured link] looks so sharp and so awesome with her badass Audi.

Then we found Amy Fay!  We haven't seen her for a long time!  And for some reason, she is such a happy and perky person at the show.  That's totally how we met her when she first modeled.  That is super awesome!  So happy to see her again!

And we saw Arley!  She sports a good tan for a good vacation, very well rested and ready for the tidal incoming of car show season!  Arley is such a friendly person that if you talk to her for 3 min, you would feel like she is your best friend forever.  Totally cool!

Diamond Zaang was doing a marvelous job in doing the promotion work.  Not only she looks great, she proactively (not just actively) talked to everyone in her sight to hand out flyers and engage them to the product.  Perfect job, Diamond!
Jasmyn Skye with JDM Sport is always so warm and welcoming!  We love to catch up with her every time!

Sandra Wong looks great!  It's been a little while since last time we saw her.  She looks so healthy and refreshing!  She is super busy and she is already booked for upcoming major shows!  That means we will see her more soon too!  Awesome!

Holly Lee (middle) is always so cute!  She has just a sweet baby face!  When we met her, it was us just between her and her lunch (poor girl for working so long without lunch yet...)  Still she gave us the killer shot and looks magnificent!

All good things have to come to an end.  Overall it's a fun day, a great way to relax and get to see hot models and cool cars in a sunny Saturday afternoon.

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