March 26, 2013

#HIN2013 Fontana Photo Highlights 3 #wheelsandheels

Fontana, CA (Py) - This concludes the highlights of the 2013 HIN show.  The future articles will be dedicated to the individual coverage of the awesome promotional models.
Our April print issue will come out soon, with the pictures from the show that will not be published here.  So stay tuned and check out the print issue coming up soon!

Don't you just love going to car shows?
Overall, 2013 HIN is a cool success.  Although  it was shadowed by the strong NASCAR security and flow control, it still came out as a bright star, giving the long waited enthusiasts a great place to meet their beloved models and personalities, as well as the chance for car owners to showcase their cars in a congregated venue.  This is the first major car show in So-Cal this year, so we give them high five and high marks for the timing and efforts and showing and results!  Keep up the great work HIN team!

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