The Three Achilles Graces

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Irwindale, CA (W&HM) - Achilles not only has won the Formula Drift champion title with Daigo Saito, they also have the awesome threesome to help them promote, (above from left to right), Kaylee Alana, Ashley Vee, and Arley Elizabeth.

Even though they are inseparable at the event, each has her own distinct style.  Very cool!


Ngan Vo, Elizabeth Velasquez, and Siray Kong

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Irwindale, CA (W&HM) - You just cannot resist Ngan Vo's signature smile on her.

Elizabeth Velasquez (below right) has that super glamorous model look on her.  We look forward to seeing her more in the future!

This is the first time we met Siray Kong, and her petite size does not hide away her bright appearance.  Very cool!

Sandra Wong is Nitto Cute

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Irwindale, CA (W&HM) - Sandra Wong at Formula Drift event was working for Nitto.  Her refreshing personality and sporty style definitely match Nitto's brand!

Marissa Hiroko The Leggy And Awesome Model

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Irwindale, CA (W&HM) - Marissa Hiroko is working hard this year.  We've seen her in many car shows and events.  However, no matter where she goes, she is always uplifting and happy to pose for her fans.

We still remember when she was at the HOT summer LA day of Nisei Auto Show in downtown Los Angeles, she was still smiling and awesomely posing for everybody, even though it's beyond hot!  Great job Marissa!

Super Kawaii Nicole Marie

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Irwindale, CA (W&HM) - No matter what Nicole does, she just has that pure, genuine, Snowhite-like quality in her.  Her eyes are just full of bright sparkles and honey sweetness!
Even when she gave us a NOS power pose, it's sooo Kawaii!!

Holly Lee with Lcuas Oil is Amazing!

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Irwindale, CA (W&HM) - Holly Lee never ceases to amaze us with her awesomeness!  No matter what she does, she just looks so enticing and enchanting!

Together with Marissa Hiroko, it's like a wow in stereo!!


2012 Formula Drift Highlights 8 (Conclusion)

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Irwindale, CA (Py) - First of all, we have to say that we lost 5% quality in this session, due to an inexcusable technical error.  We apologize for not being able to bring you the top quality in this pictorial article.

That being said, it's super cool to see the great models at the opening ceremony and the introduction of the drivers and their teams.  Super awesome!

2012 Formula Drift Irwindale Highlights 7

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Irwindale, CA (Py) - We are not kidding when we say NOS is a major force at the carshow.  Here is only half of their space and it's already impressive!

The duo from American Real TV are wearing blue as well.  Popular color!

Hybrid brought a model to the show, and generated quite a attention from the crowd...

Okay, we just spent a little bit too much time around the Black Magic booth.  Well, they are super nice to us, both Rachel and Megan are so passionate about modeling, and the booth owner loves to invite our camera to take as many pictures as we like.  We have to say that they are the brightest team in the event to media.  Very + very cool!

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