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October 29, 2012

Carolyn Martin - W&HM 2012 Nov Cover Model

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Pasadena, CA (W&HM) - (continued from the previous article)

W&HM: So how do you like modeling?
Carolyn: It's been fun!  Enjoy doing it. It's probably been about 8 years.

W&HM: Wow, that's very impressive.  Then how do you like acting?
Carolyn: I love it.  It's my passion!

W&HM: That's very cool!  So what would you think about acting that is different than modeling, besides "acting" per se?
Carolyn: Well, I think there are so many aspects of acting that are more than modeling.  I feel like that you can be a little more creative in acting.

W&HM: Very true.
Carolyn: And it's a lot more challenging too.  It takes a lot of hard work.  Modeling is definitely something that you need to be dedicated to it.  But Acting is like a whole different beast.  It's fun to tackle something so big and so massive. :-D


W&HM: Sounds like you love challenges.  Maybe share with us one challenge that is like really "challenging".
Carolyn: Well, just coming down to LA, leaving the family and pursue your career.  That is a pretty big challenge.  And to take on a career in the entertainment industry is not very easy either.  :-D

W&HM: Indeed!  It's not easy at all!  You are awesome!  Now a totally different subject.  What kind of food do you like?
Carolyn: I am an Italian girl, so I love Italian food.  And I love sushi!  Sushi and Italian are probably my favorite.


(To be continued....)
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