Carolyn Martin - W&HM 2012 Nov Cover Model

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Pasadena, CA (W&HM) - We are very happy to meet up with Carolyn Martin, who is a very talented model and actress, and work out our feature editorial.  It's a super fun experience working with her!

Even though she does not appear in the car scenes, we simply cannot resist her gorgeousness and warm personality.  This Italian beauty has that Monica Bellucci's smoking hotness, as well as Tony Danza's cozy friendliness, and also the Martin Scorsese's wonderful potentials.  Definitely triple awesomenesses in one!
Besides getting to know her from her web site:, let's find out more about Carolyn directly from her!

W&HM: It's so great to work with you for the feature!  It's so much fun working with you!  Maybe let our readers know you a bit first. Tell us about yourself.
Carolyn: I am originally from the Bay Area and came down to LA to pursue my acting and modeling career.  And having fun! :-)

(To be continued...)