Geisha Girls with 742 Marketing Cars

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Fontana, CA (W&HM) - Geisha Girls, Jenn Chinchaidy works well with the car by her.

Jenna Lane gave a different spin with the other car.

Petite but Not Small Models

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Fontana, CA (W&HM) - Petite in presence does not mean small in personality.  The T-shirt vendor's model may not be tall, but her passionate friendliness and happy presence, just engage you in all different ways.
The dual walking models at the show projected their sunny-ness with the car...

The 2 Guarding Angels at K1-Speed

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Fontana, CA (W&HM) - The brunette and the blonde, the two guarding angels at the K1-Speed, gave us a statuesque presentation.  As mentioned before, the genius of banner marketing makes the backdrop looks really awesome!


Alma, A Pre-Christmas Treat

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Fontana, CA (W&HM) - Alma has given us a touch of holiday spirit!  With her green color hair and red top, it could not make you feel more Christmas-ish in the whirlwinds of the Fontana valley heat...
She is very cool to talk to and wonderful to work with too!

Formula Drift Final Title Fight is Tomorrow!

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Irwindale, CA (W&HM) - Tomorrow is Formula Drift Final Title Round of 2012.  We loudly applaud the organizer for coming back to the Irwindale Speedway, despite the troubles that the Speedway has been through this year.  Last year, we had Maya Michelle Rew (above), Amy Fay (below), and...

Danielle Lo and Holly Lee.
All the competitions and actions are just awesome to watch!

Traditionally this time of the year it's HOT, very HOT!  However, this weekend, it seems to be a perfect weather!  What a great way to end this year's round.

In 2010, we had Helen Fancik, Katrina T, Corissa Furr and Olivia Korte (below Falken left).  Also, we have Daisy Sanchez (below red bikini) from 2009!!
If you can go, go!  It's going to be fun!  If you really cannot, then we will bring you the most beautiful coverage of the event!

Pam Grace, The Super Graceful

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Fontana, CA (W&HM) - At 86Fest, this is our first time meeting Pam Grace.  She is a fresh new starter, but not shy about being a good model.
We are sure that all agree that Pam is photogenic, natural, and awesome!  We would love to see more of her in the future!
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