Joselyn Cano, Samantha Olmsted, and More

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Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Indeed, after more than 6 months, the photos of 2011 SEMA models are not quitting yet....  We have this lovely model from Starr Wheel Group performed in front of huge crowd, and many cameras, and did a super interactive presentation.  This is Vegas!!
Joselyn Cano gave us her signature smile!


The duo models from Tornel looking awesome in front of the wheels.

Samantha Olmsted is the Miss Car Craft Summer Nationals at the Total Automotive booth.  She has that sunny and bright personality that brings you a sunny and bright show experience!


More Awesome Models from Formula Drift Long Beach

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 Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - This concludes the series of 2012 Formula Drift Long Beach model coverage.

The Nitto model looks like a 70's TV Actress that brought us back to way back when... She has that Farrah Fawcett super glam aura.  Well if you don't know who Farrah was, definitely google her!  Super awesome actress!!

 Celeste Staana from Exedy is an evergreen for the company's promotional presence.  She is always so amicable and so professional at the same time. Cool!

 The Cooper Tires girls are soooooo perky that even we cannot keep up with.  Very + very cool!

 Tiffany Selby is looking awesome here!!

 UTI brought us a cool looking model in a hot hot day!

Rachel Contolella Looking Awesome!

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 Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - A very core model of GXS Racing is Rachel Contolella.  She has been working together with GXS for many months and she is always present at shows when we visit.  She is such a dedicated, passionate, and perky model that is always a welcome to cameras.

 She has so many different looks that it's like a kaleidoscope showcase of expressions.  Awesome!

 Next time at the show, definitely say hi to Rachel!  You will love taking pictures of her for sure!!!


 Keep it up Rachel!!

After Hour Car Meet with RPM and Geisha Events

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Huntington Beach, CA (W&HM) - We have a car meet pictorial coverage for "After Hour" Car Meet with RPM and Geisha Events.  Very cool!  Enjoy!!

Three Amazing Graces at Pasmag Booth

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Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - At the 2012 Formula Drift event, Pas Mag has brought us three wonderful models, including our featured model, Lea Anne P (left), as well as Xena Kai (middle) and Holly Lee.
Holly and Xena are the shining bright new stars in most recent car show scenes.

Holly under the sun...

They just look totally awesome!

Xena Kai is such a cool and awesome model that she is never camera shy.  She always brings her great smiles and fantastic looks to cameras.


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