Awesome Models - Jackie Vidal, Randyl Dawn with Falken and More

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Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - At 2012 Motion Auto Show Expo, there are so many talented models and we captured many, but totally missed many as well... At least we got Jackie Vidal in our coverage here.  She is very cool in many ways.  She has her own sense of style and a smooth way of working with cameras.  She stands out in the crowd, but flows with it effortlessly.  Great job Jackie!

Randyl Dawn held the virtual tent of Flaken at the show.  She is the only Falken model there to help promote the brand, signing posters, and greet with never stopping crowd.  Their booth is also at the entrance first-sight location.  Imagine Randyl working tirelessly there.  Our hats' off to you Randyl!!

We have more models!  Yay!