W&HM Cover Model - Elyse

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Los Angeles, CA (Py) - When we first saw Elyse, we noticed something unique about her.  Among her JDM Sport models, she is the tallest and have a totally different look than the others.  She's like a fashion model as a matter of fact.  Not only she is gorgeous (other JDM models are too!) and slim and tall, she's also photogenic, friendly to cameras, wonderful with her poses, and the photos are totally awesome.

We are very happy to have her as our cover model.  That goes a long way, because not only she has those star-model qualities, she is also organized, communicative, easy to work with, and punctual!  What can one ask for more than that?!  Great job Elyse!!

We had two shoots with Elyse, and produced many awesome photos.  In one shoot (here), Elyse had a great one-piece black swimsuit from Spoiled Rotten Swimwear [ext link].  That's beautiful!!  Great job SR Swimwear!

Then in this shoot, we were working with RPM, Racing Performance Motorsport [ext link] for their wonderful cars (Subaru STI here, and Honda S2K tomorrow).  They have been totally awesome in facilitating our shoot and providing  us the cars.  The cars are totally gorgeous, especially with Elyse!!  Amazing!!

Now let's learn more about Elyse!

W&HM: Hi Elyse!  Thank you for coming to the shoot, twice!!  You are so wonderful to work with!!
Elyse: Ha-ha. Of course, we make a great team! I couldn’t do it without you!

W&HM: Please tell our readers more about yourself.
Elyse: Well, let’s see. I have always modeled through the years but only got serious about it when I moved here last August from San Diego and I have been loving it! There are so many opportunities in Los Angeles and I have been having a blast taking advantage of those opportunities. I am also a full time student studying Social Work, as well as a full time model. To say that I am busy would be an understatement ha-ha.

(to be continued tomorrow)

Contact information:
W: www.elysemiles.com (WIP)
F: facebook.com/elysemiles
T: @ElyseMIles
I: @atleast_iona

RPM, Racing Performance Motorsport: 
W: http://poweredbyrpm.com/
A: 5412 Bolsa Ave Unit F, Huntington Beach CA 92649
P: (714) 892-5757
E: mail@poweredbyRPM.com

Spoiled Rotten Swimwear: 
W: http://srswimwear.com
E:  holly@srswimwear.com