Group Photos in 2011 Autocon!

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Irvine, CA (W&HM) - There were plenty of opportunities to do group shots at the 2011 Autocon show.  No matter they are pairs, or multiple, they all worked well and look great!

Well, even though this is a single model shot, be patient...

We have many more models here then...

And the awesome duo as well...

Three's company!

More singles...

Must do something quick...
Aha!  Match them up!  Yay!

Maya Michelle Rew, Justene Jaro, and Amanda Gift!!

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Irvine, CA (W&HM) - We still remember the fun time with Maya Michelle Rew at SEMA.

It's always + always great catching up with Maya Michelle.  She is totally humorous, smart, frank, and friendly!!  Mighty Maya Michelle!!

Amanda Gift (left), Justene Jaro (middle), Maya Michelle Rew, are the three graces at the show!

By the millionth of a chance that you have not heard Justene Jaro before, definitely goolge image her name.  You will be hard impressed by her extensive and glamour works under her belt!

Now in even better lighting condition...

What can we say... Speechless!

Leng Yein, Christine Vu, Marie Alvarez, Trinity Dang and Roxy Ayala

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Irvine, CA (W&HM) - Leng Yein is continuing her international tour, and here in Irvine, she is having so much fun!
It feels like anywhere she goes, there is a virtual party going on!  She has such a bright and cool personality!  Kudos!
Christine Vu is new to the scene.  Therefore, we obligatorily took pictures, from her right,
to her front,
to her left,
from afar,
and close up
with a different pose,
or back to the same pose,
with a better view of her ink...  Very cool!
Marie Alvarez (left) and Trinity Dang are such a cool pair for the photo-op.

Roxy Ayala is like a go-go angel.  She surely knows how to strike a pose and looks super cool.

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