W&HM 2011 Top 20 Models - Kaylee Alana, Alexia Cortez, (...), Chelsea Hahn, Michelle Yee, Julie Mai

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Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) 
* Update: a model removed per request.
We are concluding our W&HM 2011 Top 20 Models special.  We have Kaylee Alana to start off here.  Kaylee is the queen of go-go dancing.  Not only she can dance, she dances elegantly, artistically, and creatively.  She has that soft and flexible moves that are totally mesmerizing.

Alexia Cortez is a super star.  You can see her in many + many places, not just in person, also in prints, in multimedia, as well as larger than life Billboard ads.  Great job!

Chelsea Hahn is one of the most notable NOS girls.  She and Natalia Marie and Natalee Bee are the constants in the variable equations of promotional modeling world.  It's always great to catch up with Chelsea!

Michelle Yee is definitely one of the hardest working models in the west coast region.  No matter where you go, you drive, or you fly to, if there is a good size car show, she would probably be there!  Our hats're off to you Michelle!

Julie Mai is such a bright model in both her smartness as well as her personality.  Next time if you see her, ask her opinions of anything, it will be great conversation for sure!

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