W&HM 2011 Top 20 Models - Honorary Commendations

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Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - Well, there are sooo many great models that we could not cover in our W&HM 2011 Top 20 Models.  However, we felt compelled to do an honorary commendations here to them.  Chelsie Lynn (above) came back to the promotional modeling is a great news to everybody!  She is so adorable and charming!  Love to see more of her in the future for sure!

Olivia Cortez is totally beyond stunning!
Amy Markham knows amazing poses!
Melissa Riso is a regular winner of many competitions.  You should definitely check out her portfolio work.  Then you will know what a great model can achieve and should attain too!
Sarah Mcdowd's catchy blue eyes and super fun personality won our hearts and flashes!
Courtney Marie and Natasha are the dynamic duo on the go-go competition.
Ashley Arika has that glamour model in the sun beauty!
Julie Galindo and Randyl Dawn are the two graces of Falken tires.
Jenna Trujillo is such a beauty and a braintrust and a network and a hub and a doer and an amazing model!
Diana Grant is totally a dedicated professional.  She always remembers her role and do it with 200% focus.  Awesome!
Roxy Ayala is such a sexy vixen that keeps re-inventing herself.  Great job Roxy!
Ryan Oso has that special look and special charm that won many + many praises and attentions!
Helen Fancik (middle) just looks breathtakingly gorgeous!  Even with a wrench!
Vivian Nguyen always bring her awesome talents into her modeling and life.  She always bring out smiles from people's heart...  Truly angelic!!

Gwendolynne Gee made a huge splash into our coverage showing all the wonderful talents that she has as a model!  Kudos!!
Lisa Lee Marie, Hankook model!!  Enough said...
Jessyca Rayanne has that glamours model look that got a lot of our reader's clicks!
Joselyn Cano always has that bright eye, awesome smile and welcoming look!
We only met Lena Hakim once at SEMA, and she impressed the heck out of us!  A true talent!!
Layla Lu is so cute and nice and friendly!  Awesome!
Nikita Esco is ultra popular!  Totally cool!
Natalia Marie is soooo fun to shoot with, that you probably will not be able to hold the camera steady even with vibration reduction technology, as you are laughing so hard of her humorous genius!
Ashley Harris has skyrocketed her career with the new look!  Keep up the great work Ashley!
Risa Omine looks great and always has a kind heart and sensible mind.  Totally cool!

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