Amy Fay, Julie Mai, and Model in 2011 Autocon

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Irvine, CA (W&HM) - Amy Fay is definitely an icon in the car show industry.  She always looks flawless and totally stunning!!  Awesome Amy!

The sunset lighting was the perfect setting for these portrait shots.  And Amy is always so talented in her posing and expressions, cool and warm, piercing and friendly, candid and perfect!

Julie Mai is a great pleasure to shoot with.  It's always fun.  She can crack jokes just about anything.

Julie is a perfect marriage of both brain and beauty.  Very + very cool Julie!!

Uh, we failed to capture this gorgeous model's name.  Nonetheless, she is totally cool and great to shoot with for the 45 seconds that we had... Great job!!

Raichelle Viado at 2011 Autocon

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Irvine, CA (W&HM) - We have not seen Raichelle for a long + long + long time!!  She looks like a brand new person!!  Awesome!!
When we saw her at the will-call check in booth, she instantly gave us a big hug as her trademark greeting gesture!

When we entered the event venue, we met up with her at the model lounge, and she gave us another trademark hug again!  We were so happy to see her!  Guess it's a catch up of the lost times in the past...

Then before we left, she gave us the third hug; we were in heaven!  You are totally awesome Raichelle!

Please do pay attention to the new Raichelle!  It's like a rebirth of a phoenix, or a reboot of Windows XP with latest SP, or a new episode of Angry Birds.... Awesome!!

She is always so cool and so talented in front of our camera!

We are so happy to see you again Raichelle!  Keep up the great work!!  And keep the awesomeness coming!!

Lily Zenna Wang and Kelly Jimenez at 2011 Autocon

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Irvine, CA (W&HM) - Lily Zenna Wang was a proactive model that made this nano-shoot possible.  Great job Lily Zenna!

Simply awesome!  Totally great job!!

Once we got started, the crowd could not stop it... She had to manage many cameras at that time... Very cool!

What can we say, totally awesome!!!  Keep up the good job Lily Zenna!!
Kelly Jimenez was a pleasant surprise at the show.

She showed her perfect tone-matching outfit with the motorcycle.  Chic!

Très chic Kelly!!

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