2013 Extreme Autofest Anaheim Highlight - The Amazing @RAICHELLEVIADO #wheelsandheels

Anaheim, CA (Py) - There are a lot of great stories to tell about this wonderful young lady, Raichelle Viado, at the Extreme Autofest.  The little bird told us that the unique wonder costume was built the night before and is not available in any store.  Raichelle actually did it herself! Talking about beauty and talent combined in one.  That's super power!  On top of that, she won the best costume prize at the show.  Now that's beyond super power!  That's pure genius!!  Great job!!

And if you been carefully observing her (but don't stalk her please), you will notice that she has hair color changed to match her wardrobe.  You can find a full chronicle of all her appearances here in the magazine in here.  BTW, if you check the MODELS section at the below right corner, you will find that Raichelle is the top billing of all models in our coverage.  Talking about dedication and popularity!  Wow!!

The Dayuum! girls are totally eye catching!  And we have Sandra Wong as a very cute Robin!
Alexx Juice (below) always gives us plenty of opportunities to take great photos of her.  We deeply appreciate that!

Don't ask us who the lady with an e-pipe below here. She just said her name is "G".  Try google that... :-)
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