W&HM - Westley Schmaker 2012 July Cover Model

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Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - We are very happy to have Westley Schumaker as our July cover model!  Westley is, as you will learn soon, a car buff, which runs in the family.  You will learn a lot of Westley from the interview that we did with her.  She is totally awesome!!
Here is our quick interview with Westley:

W&HM: Hi Westley!  Thank you for coming to the shoot!  You are so wonderful to work with!!
Westley: Thank you so much, I love working with you guys too!

W&HM: Please tell our readers more about yourself.
Westley: Well I'm 19years old started modeling when I turned 16

W&HM: Wow, that is so interesting!!  How do you like modeling?  Any particular fun stories to tell us?
Westley: I love it, I get body painted for events at the playboy mansion and its the time of my life! I have tons of fun stories from being there;)
W&HM: Tha'ts very cool!  We couldn't help but noticed that you came with a very potent muscle car here.  Gorgeous and impressive, just like you!  Tell us more about this car.
Westley: It's MY. yes I said my, 1969 camaro. My dad and I built it when I was 15.

W&HM: So your whole family is into cars.  That's awesome!  What other show cars that you have?
Westley:  Oh my tons in the family, but in my immediate family we have a 1967 and 1969 Camaro, 1975 Corvette, 2009 Challenger and Mustang and were working on a 1969 El Camino

W&HM: Do you do hands on work on the cars?  What work are you most proud of?
Westley: Yeah I help out, its mostly my Dad but I'm right there helping same with my brother. But I'm most proud of helping put the motors in the Camaros and Vette.

(to be continued...)