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The Stunning Presence of Promotional Models at the 2023 SEMA Show: Reviving the Pre-Pandemic Glory Days

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2023 SEMA Show, What an Awesome Show with So Many Awesome Promotional Models

The 2023 SEMA Show brought back the much-anticipated glamour and allure of promotional models, reminiscent of the pre-pandemic glory days. With numerous amazing models adorning the event, attendees were captivated by their high caliber and super glamorous presence. The South Hall served as the epicenter of this model extravaganza, housing approximately 80% of these stunning individuals. Not only did they provide aesthetic appeal, but they also engaged in highly personable social interactions, generating leads for the companies while leaving attendees eager to capture moments and take home personalized souvenirs. As the industry continues to rebound, the presence of these charismatic individuals will undoubtedly remain an essential element in the future, ensuring that the SEMA Show continues to captivate and enthrall attendees for years to come.

A Most-Welcomed Resurrected Spectacle:

As the 2023 SEMA Show unfolded, it became evident that the presence of promotional models had made a stunning comeback. The atmosphere was reminiscent of the pre-pandemic glory days when these charismatic individuals adorned the event halls. Their presence reinvigorated the show with a sense of excitement and elegance, creating an electric atmosphere that attendees could not resist.

This year's SEMA Show boasted an impressive lineup of promotional models. From their striking appearances to their charm, they left attendees awestruck. These models embodied the essence of the automotive industry, exuding a certain magnetism that drew crowds and added an element of allure to the event. Their presence injected energy and vitality into the show, offering attendees a memorable experience.

The South Hall, The Hub of Promotional Models:


The South Hall served as the bustling epicenter of promotional model activity at the 2023 SEMA Show. Approximately 80% of the models were stationed in this hall, strategically attracting attendees to explore the latest offerings from various exhibitors. This concentration ensured that visitors could easily connect with these engaging individuals, immersed in the lifestyle of auto luxury and performance, making it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking the full SEMA experience.

W&HM Cover and Feature Models: 

At SEMA 2023, the atmosphere was electric and buzzing with excitement as car enthusiasts from all over the world gathered to witness the latest and greatest innovations in the automotive industry. Among the crowd, we were delighted to spot some familiar faces - our beloved W&HM cover and feature models.

Zari Chacon, the stunning face of Traxxas, exuded beauty and confidence as she navigated the event with grace. Her presence was truly captivating, and it was clear to see why she was chosen as a cover model. Lydia, sponsored by Speedmaster, brought her unique charm and elegance, leaving spectators in awe of her magnetic aura. Sarah Marie, representing Powerbass, radiated a combination of charisma and vibrancy that made her hard to miss. Her infectious smile lit up the room, leaving a lasting impression on all who encountered her.

Not to be outdone, feature model Zoey Lee of DWS exuded an air of sophistication and poise as she confidently made her way through the crowd. She effortlessly commanded attention, capturing the hearts of onlookers with her beauty and charm. Christy Rios, sponsored by Konig, showcased a perfect balance of strength and femininity, leaving spectators in awe of her multifaceted persona.

Daylon Meunzner, the face of VP Racing Fuel, exuded an energy that was both vibrant and magnetic. Her passion for the automotive industry shone through as she interacted with attendees and showcased the latest products. Hannah Kate Johnson, representing Venom Power, dazzled onlookers with her dynamic presence. Her infectious energy and enthusiasm were contagious, and it was clear that she had a deep love for all things automotive.

Last but certainly not least, Ms. Mackin brought her own unique style and charisma to the event. Her captivating presence and undeniable charm left a lasting impression on all who had the pleasure of meeting her. It was truly a delightful experience to see these familiar faces gracing the event and continuing to make waves in the automotive world.

High Caliber Models with Super Glam Presence, and Personable Social Interactions:

The promotional models at the 2023 SEMA Show were not only beautiful but also exuded elegance and sophistication. These high-caliber individuals were carefully selected to represent brands and products, ensuring a seamless fit that enhanced the overall experience. Their super glamorous presence added to the visual spectacle, captivating attendees and creating a memorable impression.

We also want to give a big shout out to 2Crave Forged and Prestige Marketing for bringing amazing models to the show! They definitely elevated the level of classy glam at SEMA to the highest! 

Capture the Moment with Pictures and Personalized Souvenirs:

The presence of these amazing models left attendees eager to capture the moment. Visitors couldn't resist the temptation of taking pictures with the models, creating a hub of photography and social media buzz. These images served as lasting mementos of the event, allowing attendees to relive the excitement and share their experiences with others. Moreover, some promotional models offered personalized posters or souvenirs, adding an extra-special touch to the attendees' keepsakes.

Top Tier Ultra Caliber Promotional Models: 

In addition to the above-mentioned time-honored cover and feature models, SEMA 2023 also showcased an array of well-established and breakout models. Tii Vyn, Ashley Duran, Caroline Wade, Cambria Joy, and Bear Dellinger were among the standout talents of the event. Their talents and beauty were captivating, complementing the overall atmosphere of SEMA. Alexia Cortez also made a mark, impressing attendees with her unique style and presence.

The presence of these incredible models only added to the already vibrant and exciting atmosphere at SEMA 2023. Their presence showcased the diversity and talent within the automotive industry. Whether they were well-established or breaking through the ranks, each model played a significant role in shaping the event, captivating attendees, and solidifying SEMA's reputation as the premier automotive showcase.

The presence of familiar faces such as Zari Chacon, Lydia, Sarah Marie, and feature model Zoey Lee, along with breakout talents like Tii Vyn, Ashley Duran, Caroline Wade, Cambria Joy, Bear Dellinger, and Alexia Cortez, created an unforgettable experience at SEMA 2023. Their beauty, charisma, and passion injected an extra dose of excitement into the event, leaving attendees in awe of their talent and dedication. SEMA 2023 was truly a celebration of the automotive industry's finest, with these models shining as beacons of inspiration and success.

Celebrities Autographing Sessions: 

SEMA, the ultimate automotive aftermarket show, never fails to disappoint. This year's event was no exception, with a star-studded lineup of celebrity appearances, on-stage interviews with industry experts, and the added bonus of broadcasts for those unable to attend.

One of the highlights of SEMA 2023 was undoubtedly the celebrity showings. From the moment you stepped onto the showroom floor, the air was abuzz with excitement and anticipation. The automotive world's most notable figures graced us with their presence. Jay Leno, the iconic comedian and car enthusiast, drew crowds with his sharp wit and extensive car collection. His passion for automobiles was contagious, and attendees couldn't help but marvel at his encyclopedic knowledge.

Constance Nunace, known for her role in the popular automotive TV show "Car Kings," captivated audiences with her larger-than-life personality. Her presence brought a sense of glamour and excitement to SEMA, and fans flocked to catch a glimpse of the beloved TV personality.

Mario Andretti for MagnaFlow, a living legend in the world of motorsports, made a special appearance at SEMA, much to the delight of attendees. A true icon, Andretti's accomplishments in racing are unparalleled, and his presence at the event added a sense of prestige and excitement. Fans young and old gathered to celebrate his enduring legacy and hear his insights on the industry.

Danica Patrick, one of the most successful female racecar drivers, drew a crowd wherever she went. Her achievements on the track have broken barriers and inspired aspiring racers around the world. SEMA 2023 provided an opportunity for fans to meet the indomitable Patrick and hear her story of perseverance and success.

On-Stage Interviews of Legends and Experts: 

In addition to the celebrity showings, SEMA also hosted a series of on-stage interviews with industry experts and legends. The lineup of speakers was truly remarkable, with each session offering valuable insights and knowledge. From legendary engineers to seasoned entrepreneurs, SEMA provided a platform for these experts to share their experiences and expertise.

What made these interviews even more special was the fact that they were broadcast. Those who couldn't make it to the event still had the opportunity to catch up later on and benefit from the wealth of information shared on stage. This accessibility enabled a broader audience to access the insights and lessons offered by these industry stalwarts.

The broadcasts not only covered the interviews but also captured the overall essence and energy of SEMA. From the bustling showroom floor to the innovative product unveilings, viewers were able to experience the excitement from the comfort of their own homes. This aspect of the event truly showcased the convergence of technology and automotive enthusiasm, making SEMA 2023 a truly inclusive and immersive experience for all.

Such a Great Comeback of SEMA Models at 2023 SEMA!!


SEMA 2023 exceeded all expectations with its star-studded celebrity showings and non-stop on-stage interviews. The presence of industry icons such as Jay Leno, Constance Nunace, Mario Andretti, and Danica Patrick added an extra layer of excitement and inspiration to the event. Moreover, the broadcasts allowed a wider audience to partake in the knowledge-sharing and vibrant atmosphere that SEMA is known for. SEMA 2023 will undoubtedly be remembered as a celebration of automotive passion and a showcase of the industry's finest talents.

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