May 31, 2012

Like Our New Look?

We think that it's time to retool our ware and update our look.  Let us know if you like the new look?  We will continue to improve and enhance!!

2012 AutoCon $5 Off with Original Flyer! $8 Off Early Birds!!

Correction: To get $5 off, you need to obtain the original flyer (looks like this)

We have the 2012 AutoCon $5 Off with the original Flyer!!  No promo code needed!  Or even better, $8 off for the early birds!!  Details here:

From Autocon:

AutoCon Events presents:
2012 AutoCon | Los Angeles – Automotive & Food Truck Festival
Presented by: 2 Crave, Toyo Tires, MSTR Watches, & Universal Technical Institute
Santa Anita Park & Race Track
285 W Huntington Drive
Arcadia, CA 91007
Saturday, July 21st, 2012

AutoCon Events is proud to announce their partnership with the Santa Anita Park & Race Track, for the upcoming AutoCon Los Angeles 2012 festival. Returning for its 3rd year AutoCon will occupy the entire Southwest Lot (750,000+ square foot) of Santa Anita Park, directly off of Huntington Drive in the beautiful city of Arcadia, CA. The AutoCon event will highlight 100 automotive companies and manufactures, hundreds of modified and luxury automobiles, Los Angeles' highest rated food-trucks, and a 'drive-up' main stage full of entertainment.

AutoCon will once again provide a full-floor of the nation's finest built American and Foreign vehicles (most of which are highest in their class and featured in major magazine publications).  Beyond the cars, experience exclusive (auto) clothing and parts sales, a model runway & lounge, media photo shoots, guest speakers, raffles and DJ entertainment.

AutoCon is looking forward to July 21st, as they expect to set new attendance records, while making history at the Santa Anita Park, as the first auto festival of its kind to hit the 626 venue.
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Awesome Models - Jackie Vidal, Randyl Dawn with Falken and More

[Click Pictures for Full Size View]

Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - At 2012 Motion Auto Show Expo, there are so many talented models and we captured many, but totally missed many as well... At least we got Jackie Vidal in our coverage here.  She is very cool in many ways.  She has her own sense of style and a smooth way of working with cameras.  She stands out in the crowd, but flows with it effortlessly.  Great job Jackie!

Randyl Dawn held the virtual tent of Flaken at the show.  She is the only Falken model there to help promote the brand, signing posters, and greet with never stopping crowd.  Their booth is also at the entrance first-sight location.  Imagine Randyl working tirelessly there.  Our hats' off to you Randyl!!

We have more models!  Yay!

May 30, 2012

NOS Girls Rules! Nicole Marie, Stacy Dominguez, and More

[Click Pictures for Full Size View]

Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - When you enter the convention center show floor, the first thing you will see is a huge NOS booth.  And then the unmistakable NOS girls, the cream of the crop!!  First we met up with Nicole Marie, our featured model and top 2011 W&HM model!  She's already there setting things up way before the show was open.  Great job Nicole!

And we saw Stacy, the frequent NOS promotional model!  We've met her many times at the NOS booth.  She is totally cool!

Julie Mai (left) and Natalia Marie are looking super hot!!  What can we say?  NOS knows promotion-ism!!  

In a different style, we have more NOS girls!!  Yay!!

May 29, 2012

W&HM Cover Model - Elyse (Part 2)

[Click Pictures for Full Size View]

(Continued from yesterday)

W&HM: We see you in many events.  You love modeling, don't you? :-)  Tell us more!
Elyse: I am one of the JDM Sport’s models so I try to make it out to any big car event with them. I love it! They are great people, and we are like a family. They are actually the ones who got me into promo modeling!

W&HM: What is one most inspiring quote that you can share with us?
Elyse: I have so many! I am such a big quote person. One of my absolutely favorites would be “we are all angels with but only one wing, we can only fly by embracing each other”, also “imperfection is beauty”.
W&HM: Maybe we really should find some time to pick your wisdom!!  That would be cool!  :-)

W&HM: We heard that you model, go to school, and also work.  Wow!!  What do you do when you have free time then?
Elyse: Sleep. Ha-ha! I love hanging out with friends, spending time at the beach, dancing, riding horses, discovering new foods and finding new places to explore!

W&HM: What is the worst pick up line that you heard?
Elyse: OH MY. If I only had all day… there have been quite a few awful ones… I think the one that stands out that was recent was a guy coming up to me, not smiling or looking happy and simply telling me that I was going to go out with him that night. I was like…uhhh I do not think so buddy and we literally argued for a solid five minutes about it. It was kind of entertaining though.
W&HM: Guess he was trying to use a Jedi-mind trick on you, but he did not know he encountered a strong-will beautiful creature instead... That's a good one!  Ha-ha

W&HM: Do you follow any kind of sports?  Do you play any?
Elyse: YES! I am a huge Lakers fan… and please, I do not want to talk about this season…ha-ha. I ride horses too, but just for fun, I used to compete, but there is no more time for that unfortunately.

(Here is another beauty on beauty series that Elyse is with a cool RPM, Racing Performance Motorsport [ext link] -sponsored black Honda S2K!)

W&HM: If you write a fortune cookie for yourself, what would it be?
Elyse: “All your hard work is soon to pay off”
W&HM: Ha-ha, very cool!!

W&HM: Please tell us something that you have not told anyone else before! :-)
Elyse: That might be impossible. Ha-ha, I share everything with friends and family! Ooo, okay, the fact that I ate a huge burger before this shoot..hehhehe :D

(more to come in a few days!!  Stay tuned...)

May 28, 2012

W&HM Cover Model - Elyse

[Click Pictures for Full Size View]

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - When we first saw Elyse, we noticed something unique about her.  Among her JDM Sport models, she is the tallest and have a totally different look than the others.  She's like a fashion model as a matter of fact.  Not only she is gorgeous (other JDM models are too!) and slim and tall, she's also photogenic, friendly to cameras, wonderful with her poses, and the photos are totally awesome.

We are very happy to have her as our cover model.  That goes a long way, because not only she has those star-model qualities, she is also organized, communicative, easy to work with, and punctual!  What can one ask for more than that?!  Great job Elyse!!

We had two shoots with Elyse, and produced many awesome photos.  In one shoot (here), Elyse had a great one-piece black swimsuit from Spoiled Rotten Swimwear [ext link].  That's beautiful!!  Great job SR Swimwear!

Then in this shoot, we were working with RPM, Racing Performance Motorsport [ext link] for their wonderful cars (Subaru STI here, and Honda S2K tomorrow).  They have been totally awesome in facilitating our shoot and providing  us the cars.  The cars are totally gorgeous, especially with Elyse!!  Amazing!!

Now let's learn more about Elyse!

W&HM: Hi Elyse!  Thank you for coming to the shoot, twice!!  You are so wonderful to work with!!
Elyse: Ha-ha. Of course, we make a great team! I couldn’t do it without you!

W&HM: Please tell our readers more about yourself.
Elyse: Well, let’s see. I have always modeled through the years but only got serious about it when I moved here last August from San Diego and I have been loving it! There are so many opportunities in Los Angeles and I have been having a blast taking advantage of those opportunities. I am also a full time student studying Social Work, as well as a full time model. To say that I am busy would be an understatement ha-ha.

(to be continued tomorrow)

Contact information:
W: (WIP)
T: @ElyseMIles
I: @atleast_iona

RPM, Racing Performance Motorsport: 
A: 5412 Bolsa Ave Unit F, Huntington Beach CA 92649
P: (714) 892-5757

Spoiled Rotten Swimwear: 

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