Risa Omine and Models at 2011 Rebuilding Japan From Los Angeles Car Meet And Fundraiser

Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - Risa Omine came out to support the great cause of this fundraising event! She worked tirelessly at the Infinit Wheels car side and providing modeling support! Many kudos!!

This is a different company's, we think...

Then came two baseball fans we guessed... Nonetheless, they look wonderful!!

Nice bike!

Nicole is a friend of one of the cars in the lot. However, her designer-to-be aurora just spilled all around her and we had to take pictures of this cool and chic gal!!

SHWA does the T Shirt design and a great job too!!

The MC of the event was giving away raffle prizes. It's pretty hard to get people's attention when they were checking out different cars and parts in the lot...

We met up Dianaly, a model-to-be, and she did a very good job as a starting model. We look forward to seeing her more in future events...

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