Many More Awesome Models Discovered on Day 3 of 50th Anniversary SEMA Show!

More model gems were found left and right even at the third day of the SEMA super show, 50th Anniversary Celebration / W&HM Staff
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They seem to pop up at everywhere, at any given moment, without a slightest pre-alert...  Even at the third day of the SEMA show, we are still finding tons of awesome models at the show, including our cover models, Brittani Paige, Lyna Ly Sparks, as well as Olivia Korte and Corrisa Furr!

 It's also great to see our feature models again, including Kristal Lina, Brielle, and Hanna Ferraez.  SEMA is such a happy family getting together, annual reunion occasion!!

Big Highlight of SEMA 50th Anniversary Show Day 2

MKW Models Having Fun at SEMA 2016 / W&HM Staff
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We continue the exciting 2nd day of the grand 50th anniversary of SEMA show here in the huge Las Vegas Convention Center!!  Remember to click on the below link to see the full article!!

W&HM Cover Model Ashley Twomey and Celebrity Chip Foose
at Magnaflow in SEMA 2016

W&HM Feature Model Corrie J for VDO at SEMA 2016

W&HM Feature Model Anya Benton for CoolCovers at SEMA 2016

W&HM Feature Model Kristal Lina for Strada Wheels at SEMA 2016

Genius Tools USA model - Ela Pasion

Genius Tools Models - Vivian Ngyuen

Huge Highlight on Celebrating 50th Year of SEMA Show, Big Opening Day Coverage is Here!!

50th Anniversary SEMA Gigantic Automobile Aftermarket Show Proved to Be a Super Car for All Car Lovers and Shop Owners As Well As Model Chasers!!

Arley Elizabeth and Nicole Marie Reckers  - W&HM Cover Model / Py Pai
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Annelise Marie  - W&HM Cover Model

 Olivia Korte - W&HM Cover Model

Fifty years is a long time which SEMA has achieved.  It's almost half of the history of the entire automobile industry from inception to birth to flourishing to popularization to high innovation and beyond.

Leanna Bartlett - W&HM Cover Model

 Jess Harbour - W&HM Cover Model

 Ashley Twomey - W&HM Cover Model

Angelina Andrada - W&HM Cover Model

Leann P - W&HM Cover Model

This year, SEMA has geared up all the pistons and fired all engines to bring the best of the best to the near $40 billion aftermarket industry.  The four day event hosts more than 140K attendees, as well as 2400+ exhibiting companies (550 of them are the first time!), 1500+ feature vehicles, and of course, projected 100+ promotional personalities, all occupying across the full Las Vegas Convention Halls, plus outside tents, plus the Sands Expo area.  SEMA this y ear is impressive, and is a grand event!

Brielle - W&HM Feature Model

 Hanna Ferraz - W&HM Feature Model

At this 50th year SEMA show, there were many model stars and celebrities and great personalities.  This is a culmination of stars lined up, dates matched up, and numbers adds up!  Among the 100+ models at the show, we are so happy to see many of our cover models and feature models were among the top positions of the show as well as the critical roles of various vendor venues.

 Cami Lynn - W&HM Feature Model

 Anya Benton - W&HM Feature Model

Monika Cozlin - W&HM Feature Model

 Dennii  - W&HM Feature Model

 Without further adieu, click the link below to see the full glory of the models that we covered on the first day of 50th Anniversary SEMA show!!

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