Majestic Model Jessica Diane for ESM Wheels at Bimmerfest 2016 @Jessicadianeb

We love fashion models, especially when they projected a totally different style among the busy car show modeling world!  Jessica Diane has done a marvelous job at the Bimmerfest 2016 for the ESM Weels! / W&HM Staff

The super graceful and beautiful model Jessica Diane showed up on our coverage radar screen at the Bimmerfest 2016.  We did not expect a great lifestyle / fashion style model would be at a car show.  As the convention goes, we usually see crossover models from different styles of car show verticals, not usually from a totally different industry.

Jessica Diane has totally impressed us at the ESM Wheels booth, and we immediately invited her for a feature in our print magazine.  Look forward to the great works that she will create in a future issue of W&HM!

Jessica Diane

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