From Florida With Love for Mode Carbon, Dani Padron at Bimmerfest 2016 @danipardon

It's like a long time no see friend next door, we met Dani Pardon again after the stunning glimpse from Bimmerfest several years ago. / W&HM Staff

 It was 2014, Bimmerfesst, the car show was still on grass field by the Rose Bowl Stadium.  We met up the super sweet model Dani Pardon, and we were wow'd.

It took 2 more years that we saw her again, this time at the same event, but at a different venue.

Dani was at the Mode Carbon booth, but the weather is in a totally different mood.  This time it was a bit cold and gloomy, nothing like the Florida bright sun weather that Dani is used to.

We sure hope to see her again soon next year!!  It's not that far and hope the weather will be better too!!

A Few Candid Shots of Tianna Gregory Show How Great She Is With Her Fans! at @Wekfest @_Tiannag

The internet / Instagram sensation super model Tianna Gregory, showed up at the Wekfest car show Long Beach 2016 and totally impressed her long line fans! / W&HM Staff

Tianna Gregory is super gorgeous, which goes without saying.  However what separates her from the rest of up and coming big stars, is her ability to give her loyal fans a great moment of personable space that would leave one heart pounding, skull exploding, and forever smile lifting in their mind or their phones.

If you observe Tianna greeting her fans, she is like a kid in a candy show, or a guru with tons of followers, she's simply professional and upbeat and fun!  Just for 5 minutes would exhaust most of the models that we covered across the industry, but Tianna could hold on more than hours.  We tip our hat to her in utmost respect!!

Majestic Model Jessica Diane for ESM Wheels at Bimmerfest 2016 @Jessicadianeb

We love fashion models, especially when they projected a totally different style among the busy car show modeling world!  Jessica Diane has done a marvelous job at the Bimmerfest 2016 for the ESM Weels! / W&HM Staff

The super graceful and beautiful model Jessica Diane showed up on our coverage radar screen at the Bimmerfest 2016.  We did not expect a great lifestyle / fashion style model would be at a car show.  As the convention goes, we usually see crossover models from different styles of car show verticals, not usually from a totally different industry.

Jessica Diane has totally impressed us at the ESM Wheels booth, and we immediately invited her for a feature in our print magazine.  Look forward to the great works that she will create in a future issue of W&HM!

Ashley Twomey for Concept One Wheels at @ExtremeAutofest 2016 @concept1wheels @Ashley2me

Our gorgeous cover model Ashley Twomey was at the Concept 1 Wheels booth in Extreme Autofest Car Show Anaheim, and we totally love to see her again! / W&HM Staff

You can never have too many pictures of Ashley Twomey modeling at car shows and events!  This gorgeous and super personable blond model showed up at the Concept One wheels booth at the Extreme Autofest car show Anaheim this year.

Not only Ashley is a very successful and professional model, she is also a master of professional make up!  If you check out her Instagram profile, you will find many different styles that she has to transform to whole different modeling persona.  We definitely hat off to this talented and beautiful cover model!!
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