The Inland Empire Trio Mercedes Smith, Cherise Jeanine, and C-Anne at DUB LA 2015!

Mercedes Smith, Chrarise Jeanine, and More Models from the 2015 DUB Show Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA / W&HM
The DUB show is always an interesting show, that bring in all types of talents and personalities.  You have the highly popular performers on the stage rocking the whole venue.  Then you have exotic cars and bikes that show off their hard works and well invested money.  Then you have models that want to make, are making it, or already made it at the show.  It's a playground for all the cars and models related!
Adding to our previous coverage,  here we are also showing three more wonderful models from the Inland Empire region of California.  These three models started off at the about the same time, and each one has her own ambitions and comfort zones.  Over a few years, their lives are taking three different directions and they all carved their own paths to wherever they set their sights to and whatever life has thrown to them. 

Here we are... 

Leggy Models Monika Cozlin and Yari Vanessaa Perfect Fit for Curva Concepts Wheels @monikacozlin

Ultra Leggy Models Monika Cozlin and Yari Vanessaa, Perfect for Curva Concepts Wheels at Bimmerfest 2015

Fontana, CA / W&HM Staff
At the big Bimmerfest 2015 event in Autoclub Speedway, Fontana, CA, there were many vendor presences at the show.  Many of them brought their beautiful and elegant models to represent their brands.  Among others, two of the models stood tall in their ambassadorship at the Curva Concepts.

Curva Concepts have their signature looks with long spiky designs that reinforce the feel of slim and elegance as well as strength.  At the booth, they had our feature model, Monika Cozlin, as well as Yari Vanessaa, as their promotional models.  Both the models gave the total package to reflect these fundamentals of the Curva Designs.

Here are more photos that prove the point here...

#TBT With Drea Lynn, Fatima Mae, kaycee Mai, Miss Gina Yoo at HIN Los Angeles, 2014!

Hot Import Nights LA is Coming!  Here is a Throw Back From Last Year's HIN Los Angeles Show!

 San Pedro, CA / W&HM
The major car show series, Hot Import Nights (HIN), is coming back to Los Angeles, at the San Pedro downtown.  To celebrate this event's coming back, we here brought you more models from the last year's event, at the same location!
Last year's HIN/LA show was the first after several years of absence in the LA scene.  It was a different take, and the outdoor street side presentation had its own glories as well as challenges.  The night village style of car show, brings an extra dimension to the car show feel, and the vendors as well as shops were great decorations to the whole set up.  The lighting in the model lounge after dark created a daunting condition for the photographers.  Nonetheless, it was a great come back show.

This year's HIN/LA is this Saturday, September 19, at the same location, San Pedro downtown.  Definitely don't miss it!

Brand New W&HM Model Page of Our Cover Model Leila Knight in Our W&HM HEELS Section! @ModelLeila

Cover Model Leila Knight's New W&HM Web Pictorial is Here!

Los Angeles, CA / W&HM
We have collected some of the best work from the shots that we took of Leila Knight, combined with an excerpt of the interview with her, and presented here in her new W&HM web pictorial.  Definitely check out the page to see more awesomeness of Leila and know her more personally through the interview!


New Print Issue! Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition Issue 31 with Cover Model Leila Knight @ModelLeila

Top Model Leila Knight on the Cover of Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition Issue 31

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai

The super successful top model, Leila Knight, has been working hard and we have the honor to have her being the cover model on our print edition issue 31.  Leila's amazing modeling talents and dedication combined with perfectionist professionalism, have made this issue an extra excellent in her cover feature pictorial!

Also, we are excited to introduce THREE cars/bike in this issue.  Red's Hydraulics Impala SS showed us the classic and legendary car that is full of personal memories.  Kano Williams "War and Peace" GSX-R motorcycle with super elaborate modifications and customization simply stunned us for the work done. Changster's "Dark Angel" is a jaw-dropping highly decorative and a modern day Rococo sophistication paint work and inside upgrades.  These are the rare and hard to find great treasures in car shows!
On top of all these amazing features, we have exclusive features of American Model Management models. You know our multi-cover model Arley Elizabeth, as well as Christy Rios, our recent feature model, there are also Jordan Michelle, who appeared in many commercials and billboards, as well as Christine Laura, Karen, and Tara Deleon.  They all are top talents in the modeling world, and have totally amazing natural gifts.  Through working with these management models, we truly enjoyed the experiences as well as the results.  We have high regards to the American Model Management team and their models.  We shall see more of them in the future in various events, or commercial works and more!!

Here is the Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 31 order page:

Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 31 Leila Knight
Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition Issue 31,
Cover model Leila Knight, Feature American Model
Management models, Arley Elizabeth, Christy Rios,
Jordan Michelle, Christine Laura, Karen and Tara Deleon.
 Feature cars/bikes include Reds SS with a very personal
story, Kano Williams powerful GSX-R…

Ladies and Gentlemen, and Los Muertos Parinted-Personalities at The Carros Y Corridos Car Show 2015

Carros Y Corridos Car Show Was Full Of Personalities of Real Person Models, Also Guys and Symbolism of Los Muertos Paint Arts!

Ontario, CA / W&HM Staff -
(Click photos to view in their original HR size)
At the very hot weather car show in the Inland Empire, Carros Y Corridos has brought many of the Hispanic, particularly Mexican, car owners and clubs and fans.  Even though we did not get to see a whole lot of promotional models, we still got the chance to sample
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