HIN LA 2015 Marie Madore and Brittani Paige Totally Gorgeous Duo at Naked Sushi

The Import Model World Top Models, Marie Madore and Brittani Paige Looking Amazing at Naked Sushi in Hot Import Nights Los Angeles 2015 

San Pedro, CA / W&HM
At the Naked Sushi booth in Hot Import Nights Los Angeles, 2015, there were a major force forming at the event.  The Miss HIN Dallas, Marie Madore, and our cover model, Brittani Paige were at the center of the attention.

Marie Madore, the skyrocketing top model showed up in our coverage last year, and has nothing but amazing things happened to her.  No matter when you take a picture of her, it's always like masterpieces. She totally knows how to work with the camera and produce the best results in the most impossible condition!

Our cover model, Brittani Paige, just came from a super hot 100+ F degrees event in Fontana 6 hours non-stop work shift, and attended the HIN LA, looking super refreshing and energized.  Brittani is a truly super trooper and always look amazing no matter what she does!!  We super love her!!

Brittani Paige

Marie Madore

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