Reality Show Star Brittany Brickner for Vertini Wheels at Bimmerfest 2015 @BrittBrixx

The Reality Show She's Got Game Star Brittany Brickner for Vertini Wheels at the Bimmerfest

Fontana, CA / W&HM Staff
VH1 has put out a reality show called She's Got Game.  The show is like the Bachelor show with the artist "The Game", but with a more in-person style.  Among all the ladies, Brittany Brickner stood out as a super bright and smart and gorgeous candidate.  We saw her line to "The Game"'s challenge in a fun strip daring game, we could not help but think out "Atta Girl!!  What a smart comeback!"

Brittany has been on many posters and been in many shows and also crown holder in various contests.  Her friendly personality and gorgeous self made the spot always an attraction to stop by.  This ambitious, warm, beautiful, and sparkling model, reality show star, title winner would have no end to her career!

As for the line that she said in the show?  You've got to ask her!!  Definitely find her next time when you go to a car show that she will be attending!

Happy Birthday to The All-American Girl Olivia Paladin at lrg Rims in #DUB LA 2015 @oliviapaladin

Super Awesome and Famous Model Olivia Paladin, at lrg Rims Booth in DUB LA 2015

* Update 2015.0915 - An anonymous reader questioned us the use of "Happy Patriot Day" in this article.  We found it to be an uncomfortable term for some or most people, so we decided to remove it.  Please keep sending your comments to us.  Thanks the Anynomous reader!

Los Angeles, CA / W&HM
Today is Patriot Day in the United States.  It means a lot to many people, but also especially to the super amazing and awesomely dare-devil model, Olivia Paladin, as well as the most important member of the magazine.  It's their birthday!!  These Virgo tribe people are totally sexy and charming, wild and free, smart and perfection-crazy!!  Many loves!!

If you have no checked out Olivia's snapchat or instagram, you are missing a part of the fun that life has given you.  Definitely go to her sites and see what this talented and out-of-the-box adventurer can do with her life.  It's truly inspirational!!  And let's say "Happy Birthday Olivia"!!

Super Leggy Models at the Busy #DUB SHow LA 2015

Incredibly Leggy Models Ashley Monique, Christina Riordan, Jenny Marie, Monika Cozlin, and More Leggy Models  at The DUB Show Los Angeles, 2015

Los Angeles, CA / W&HM
DUB Show is always a great fun show to go to.  The dazzling arrays of stage light and flash strobes, loud music accompanied by smoky air, are all just backdrops of endless visual feast of cars, and models.

Among all the different modeling styles, we particularly noticed the leggy models that made the show classy, sexy and extra awesome.  Just when we started our coverage of the show, we immediately ran into Ashley Monique at the AMF Wheels booth.  She instantly gave us a great coverage and ample time for the great pictures here.

Then we were roaming around and were hit left and right with these leggy models.  At the Harley Davidson shop, our cover model Christina Riordan as well as her fellow model Jenny Marie, showed off the cool HD looks with their boots.
Then swing farther down the venue, we were greeted by our feature model Monika Cozlin for VIBE, and she definitely gave us the room and time to do a great capture of her by the super sexy wheels and cars.

There were many more and some of them that you might remember from our earlier articles (here).  Definitely check it out here and the previous article of these crazily amazing leggy models!

Wild and Fun Time With Gwendolynne Gee MCee'ing @HotImportNights #HIN Los Angeles 2014

The Great Fun Time with Gwendolynne Gee Hosting the Fashion Beauty Show at Hot Import Nights Los Angeles 2014!

Los Angeles, CA / W&HM
Gwendolynne Gee is the designated awesome HIN Hostess for Hot Import Nights tours across the country.  You can tell that the audience is fixated by this highly energetic and super fun hostess when she stands on the stage.  The amount of fun and excitements that she brought out from the crowd are simply highlights of the HIN shows.

The HIN Los Angeles show is coming up in 10 days, at the same downtown San Pedro location like the last year.  Definitely it is a great time ensured and all the excitements again!

Hot Victorya Van Tran and Glamorous Karen Denise at @Hotimportnights San Diego 2015 #HIN @Victoryavantran @_KarenDenise_

Ultra Sensual Victorya Van Tran and Chic Glamorous Karen Denise at Hot Import Nights San Diego 

Del Mar, CA / W&HM
Victorya Van Tran has that abundant hotness in her every picture that people take.  Her bright red dress simply highlighted her eloquent sensuality.  You could never miss this vibrant and cool car show model in any car shows that she is in.

At the HIN San Diego Show 2015, the model lounge was full of various types of models.  We have covered many of them in the past coverage and here we are adding two more awesome models.  As mentioned earlier, Victorya Van Tran gave the show attendees a great deal of amazing photos that show off her natural born hotness.  On the other side of the lounge, we also found Karen Denise, who we have met several times in other shows.  Karen has that top model glamour in her.  At the show, there was no doubt that she was the one of the darlings of show attendees and camera favorites.

Veronika Skylee, From Russia With Pure Love, Refined Beauty, Elegance and Grace

Veronika Skylee, Much More Than Your Typical Blond Hair, Blue Eye, Gorgeous Russian Models!

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai
Veronika Skylee has beautiful and lavish blond hair, cascading down her exquisite neckline draping over her shoulders.  Her crystal blue eyes are like diamonds that constantly sparkle with brightness and intelligence.  But the most of all, Veronika has a kind heart, honest mind, and very smart brain inside all these gorgeous appearance of her.

Veronika is our feature model in the the Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition Issue 30, The multi-page layout of her pictorial shows off her refined elegance and cheerful personality.  Recently she has been putting a lot of focus on her modeling career.

Definitely check out more about her in our Model section, her own feature page (here).
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