Lyna Ly Sparks, JDM Sport Girls Jasmyn Skye Lena Love and Raelynn Inez Barajas and Alysia Cuerrero

Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - Lyna Ly Sparks always works so dedicatedly to her job that we highly appreciate her professionalism and getting-things-done attitude.  Totally awesome!
At the JDM Sport booth, we met up with their lead model Jasmyn Skye and she is doing amazingly with her modeling work and management. Hurrah!!
Even though we did not get too much time with Love Lena, She is that good that any angle would look good on her.  That's a true model talent at work!  Super cool!
Raelynn Inez Barajas and Alysia Cuerrero from Mr. Clean Promotions are new to the car show modeling world, and they are enjoying every minute of it!  We were very happy to see them at the show and love to see more of them in the future shows!
More leggy models!  Can't stop!

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Jessica Weaver for Vertini Wheels and Nokturnal Model, Wow!!

Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - Jessica Weaver is doing superbly and is attending many of the car shows and events, and really made a huge impression in the promotional scene.  She is not only a beautiful model, she also is a very intelligent person, and also an insightful-to-humanity-and-relationship youtube host (Jlovetalk channel) and a totally entrepreneur!  Wow!  Next time you see her, definitely catch up with her and compliment her awesomeness!
At the Nokturnal area (not a booth, but a huge area in the show), we met up their model and did a quick shoot with their amazing and colorful car!

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Arley Elizabeth Arika Sato and Brittany Brickner Looking Awesome at #2Crave in #DUB Anaheim @Arrrrlz @ArikaSato @BrittBrixx

Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - Our cover model Arley Elizabeth is one of the most active and energetic models that we've seen these years.  She is such a genuine person who wears her bright personality on her, and always affect people with good vibes and happy moods.  We still remember the first few times that we saw her and immediately knew that she is a very smart and very cool model.  Super happy to see more and more of her!
Arika Sato gave us a great opportunity to do a quick shoot with 2Crave cool cars and wheels. She always looks awesome and wonderful!
We met Brittany Brickner back in the Extreme Autofest San Diego.  We were happy to see her again here at the Anaheim Angel Stadium.  Look forward to seeing her again next time.

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Ashley Harrell at #2Crave in the #DUB Anaheim Show

Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - We first met Ashley Harrell at the 2Crave Booth in the Spocom Show this year.  We were thoroughly impressed already not just her pure beauty, but also her positivity and energy.  Definitely left us as well as many others a great impression after the show.  Now again at the 2Crave booth, we were so glad to see her again and had a great opportunity to do a mini photo shoot with the 2Crave Minis and wheels.
She is a certified awesome brand ambassador!!
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2013 Hooters Ontario CA SShowcase Car Show

Onatrio, CA (Py) - We were invited to an all American cars car meet/show at the Hooters Ontario, CA.  This is a truly refreshing experience, because we usually encounter the different styles of imports, low riders, custom, vintage.  However an all American style is the first. 

Even thought the show is not as huge as others, the enthusiasm is no less than the other car-passionate die-hards in other shows.  There were totally souped up Chevy and darling Bel-Air, as well as different types of Corvettes.  It's a good time with good made-in-America cars on a Sunday afternoon.  Great job to the organizer and we do look forward to the next year's!

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[Part 3]

Definitely check them out!!

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