Stunning Jeri Lee Heats Up Drive #M7 Booth, Brie Williams and Brandi Renee Rock the Model Lounge #Spocom Anaheim

Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - Jeri Lee is one of the most hardest working, best networked, highly established, and boldly creative models in the industry that we know for years.  Her footprints are international many times, and her appearances are always a guarantee crowd attraction.  We are especially
impressed by her creativity and her beauty without limit!  Jeri in the promotional modeling is like the model Mosh in the beauty/fashion industry.  They are simply the tops with natural born genius and acquired high skills.  Our hats off to her great job well done and her entrepreneurship unbounded!


We first met Brie Williams at the Autocon Arcadia earlier this year.  Her super toned body and sultry looks totally captured our imagination and amazement!  Definitely look out this awesome beauty rising like a super star!

Brandi Renee's slimness and fashion model style immediately gave away her talents in modeling!  That is super awesome!  We definitely look forward to seeing her more in future events!


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