Totally Awesome Asian Model Jenny Lam, and More Awesome Asian Models at #EAF

San Diego, CA (W&HM) - At Extreme Autofest in San Diego, we met up Jenny Lam in the model lounge.  She cast a different vibe than other models; she is stunningly beautiful but still down to earth, she poses like a fashion super model, yet not nose-to-the-sky-ish, she's energetic and spontaneous, and not at all showing any signs of boredom.  The pictures definitely prove her genius and her friendliness and her elegance, all in one!  Totally awesome!
Mila Deguzman is like a bright tropical flower that shines with her sunny smile and animated moves in the breezy San Diego afternoon.  Very cool!


Regina Mei was at the Spocom show earlier in the month and we were glad to see her again at the EAF SD.  Her turquoise blue bikini top and coordinated hair flower made her stood out in the model lounge, enhancing her appearance as a themed pin-up tropical girl from a tropical island!  Great job!

Jasmine Nguyenn did an awesome job in getting her hair done in the 50's style and also in a high waist polka dot shorts, totally pin-up!!

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More Mr. Clean Promotions Models Alysia Cuerrero and Raelynn Inez Barajas and Cherise Jeanine

San Diego, CA (W&HM) - There were more Mr Clean Promotions models at the EAF SD car show.  We met up two models that were new in the car show scene.

Alysia Guerrero has that refreshing look with coming-out-of-her-heart smiles in her.  Not only she is gifted in her physique, she is also a quick learner.  Within 10 seconds of instructions, she is striking some really amazing poses.  That's called natural talent!  Great job!


And we have Charise Jeanine,Raelynn Inez Barajas, and Alysia Guerrero enjoying the dusk hour of San Diego.

Raelynn Inez Barajas is also new to the car show scene, and is already turning people's head already!  Great promotional genius!

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Most Lingerie'd Model LIlly Evans and Big Smiles of Lily Zenna Wang at #EAF #SD

San Diego, CA (W&HM) - At the Extreme Autofest San Diego car show, the general attires are the black minidress or black top + shorts or anything black.  However, Lilly Evans broke that convention and proudly demonstrated her boldness and confidence.   She wore a complete set of lingerie and make it look comfortable anywhere she goes.  Awesome!

Lily Zenna Wang was busy at the EAF SD show.  Not only she needed to take care of her model lounge table, she was also part-timing at another booth.  Talking about busy micro-schedule in the car show!  Keep up the great work, Lily!



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