@LizVelasquez for #Spocom Looks Smashing Stunning! Wow! #wheelsandheels

Arcadia, CA (W&HM) -This year Spocom has brought us many + many models at the Autocon event.  Among all the gorgeous models, Elizabeth Velasquez is one of the brightest, perkiest, and most passionate models at the show!
Taking great pictures of Elizabeth is super easy, because she always gives sunny smiles, cool expressions, awesome poses, and totally aware of the camera and angles.  The nano-photoshoots with Elizabeth was a super good time!
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@HollyxLee Heated up #Autocon and Noelle Lyn @Noelleeey Lighted up #Spocom booth

Arcadia, CA (W&HM) - At the Autocon event, Holly Lee has a super natural look that is stunning!  It's like a high-degree look that emits fresh and natural, yet eye-catching energy!  Awesome!

At the Spocom Booth, we captured the beautiful Noelle Lyn.  We just cannot wait for the Spocom Super Show!  This year's going to be bigger, better, and more!  Like What Patrick Harris sang and danced at the Tony Awards show, "Bigger"!!!
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The Great @RaichelleViado is One of The Most Lively and Photogenic Models

Arcadia, CA (W&HM) - Raichelle Viado is definitely our top coverage model by very far!  What can we say, she is so great in person and in picture, she is always so warm and welcoming, and she is also totally playful and genuine.  That's super awesome in a model!
Even though these photos are in a quick series of a 5 minutes shoot, she whipped out poses and expressions than most of the car show models did in a year!  And these are not all!  We will have another series of her which she just non-stopped impressing us and everybody!

Totally awesome Raichelle!

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Our Three Amazing Cover Models at the #Autocon Arcadia Event! @CHABA1LOVE @MelyssaGrace @MsSandraWong #wheelsandheels

Arcadia, CA (W&HM) - We are so blessed.  We have three gorgeous cover models at the Autocon show, especially we haven't seen Chaba (above left) for a long time and Melyssa Grace is always a camera man's favorite!  The amount of hotness and awesomeness from them just made the show even more fun and exciting.

Sandra Wong is a stable to the car shows.  Her dedication and wholesomeness made her a huge fan base that follows her both in car shows and on line.  Super cool!


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W&HM Issue 5 Amazing Cover Celebrity - Tera Patrick @tera1patrick

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - As we mentioned in our Facebook post, Tera is one of the most amazing celebrities/models that we worked with.  The total working experience and the photos from the shoots, are simply above and beyond an ordinary project.  She truly demonstrated her high professionalism and genius talents.
We had a quick chat with Tera for the feature. Here is a quick snippet from the interview:

"W&HM: ... First off, what's keeping you the busiest these days?
Tera: I just started my Comic Con 2013 tour!! I've always wanted to do a multi city / county tour of ComicCon and now I am!! I'm touring Philadelphia , Las Vegas, New York, San Diego CA, Los Angeles CA, France , England Australia and New Zealand!!

W&HM: What's next project you can share with us?
Tera: My follow up to my first memoir " Sinner Takes All" is finished and going to be published soon!! My exclusive accessories, clothing, and personal items are ALWAYS available through my ONLY Store at http://stores.shop.ebay.com/allthingsterapatrick 

W&HM: What is your dream car if you have all the money in the world?
Tera: Aston Martin!! Let me slink around and find my purfect model there's a few I'd take!! OR I'd take a 1969 SS Camaro I love muscle cars:))

W&HM: What's the happiest moment in you life that you can share?

For the full interview, check out her print edition of W&HM Issue 5.  Thank you!

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W&HM Issue 5 Awesome Cover Celebrity - Tera Patrick @tera1patrick

Cover Celebrity: Tera Patrick
Photography: Py / Py25 Studio
MUA/HS: Ashley Gannon

* To purchase the W&HM Issue 5 Print Edition, click here.  Issue 5 has print-only editorial photos and a full Q&A with Tera, as well as luxury car show and amazing promotional model reports from the recent high end European car shows.

Correction 2013.0611 - We updated Tera's bio reference to her Amazon's profile which has much more proper and updated information of our amazing cover celebrity.

Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - We are very excited about this issue. First, it's the best designed print issue that we ever produced.  Secondly, we have the great honor to have the very famous Tera Patrick to be our cover celebrity model!  Thirdly, we will start the print edition as issue numbers instead of a monthly publication.  This way, we can quickly provide you more updates of the latest car show and promotional modeling scene reports.

Our cover celebrity/model, Tera Patrick is an internationally well known star.  She has been modeling for many years, and then started her impressive entertainment career as well as an author of her book "Sinner Takes All", plus a column adviser in the FHM magazine, TV hostess, Spokesmodel, video game personality and more!  We are here to rekindle one of her forever passion of fashion modeling!

Tera has been signed with the world top agency of Ford Modeling, when she started modeling and continued for five years, before jumping into other ventures which later on defined her career.  During those years of fashion modeling, Tera developed a unique and strong affinity to the fashion world,  Her modeling skills demonstrate her genius talents and long experiences in fashion modeling, and on our beautiful photos.
We had a great time shooting with Tera, which totally showed her versatility in fashion looks.  It was like a fashion editorial shoot that went multi-directions and mult-locations.  Through out the time, Tera has been an amazing participant to the creativity and concepts, as well as vision and styling.  We could definitely tell that she's having as much a great time, as we did too.

The amazing quality that Tera showed us, not only is in her great ability to create gorgeous and engaging photos, but also being not afraid of jumping into the cold Pacific water, or hiking a long and steep trail in the dark, or withstanding super gusty wind that relentlessly blew our lighting away, and much more.  If we talk about dedication and professionalism, Tera is at the top of the class.  We have nothing but highest respect to this amazing star!

Again, we are extremely excited to be able to have Tera Patrick as our cover celebrity model, as well as doing what we enjoy most, a fashion editorial style shoot with her.  We look forward to working with her again in the future and creating even more amazing work together!

* Because the feature was created before the new hi-res format was employed, so they remain to be the previous web size format.

Brought to you by W&HM / Wheels and Heels Magazine

#wheelsandheels #promomodel #sexy
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