These #Vaping Girls Are #Smoking #Hot and The #K1Speed Girls Are New #vaporcarze #Activape

Arcadia, CA (W&HM) - We don't know why, but the vaping vendor girls are super hot!  At the Autocon this year in Arcadia, vaping vendors popped up in many places and their models are simply irresistible!  The Vapor Craze girls have both a cool and warm smiles for us, which are like good cop and bad cop, but here both are hot!
Activape booth demonstrated the fine work of vaping, even including their flyers featuring a fine vaping model!  Very cool!  They have done a great work in being both informative and entertaining.  Great job guys!!
When we came to the K1-Speed booth, we encountered a new pair of K1-Speed girls and the set up was different too.  Must be under new management or something.  Keep it up!


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