Alexia Cortez is Toyo Cool

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Arcaida, CA (W&HM) - Alexia Cortez always have a super amazing looks, combined with her professional poses and enticing expressions.  Toyo Tires had a perfect blue-uniformed promotional star here!

Even in just a short 1 minute nano-shoot with Alexia, she pulled out so many cool looks!

Holly Lee, Two Shades of Colors, Photographically

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Arcadia, CA (W&HM) - Holly Lee is always fashion-aware, and always adds a little extra touch to her wardrobe to make each event a fun one.  In this case, if with a flower in her hair, she could be a 60's flower child. or  a feather, then she is a bonafide Pocahontas.  Great job Holly!
Now we were under the sun, and the colors are even more vibrant!  Awesome!

Corissa Furr, You Cannot Resist Her Eyes

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Arcaida, CA (W&HM) - Corissa's Eyes are like Titanic, the movie, blue diamond, a deep blue with arresting mysteries... Some are just born with it!
When Corissa walked on the stage, it's like a fashion cat walk, style and character!!  Super cool!
Corissa and Melissa re simply the best models that we encountered for a long time!  Our hats' off to them!!  Bravo + Bravo!!

2012 AutoCon Arcadia Car Coverage

Arcadia, CA (Py) - 2012 AutoCon Arcadia Car coverage in our Cars section is now available to browse!

2012 AutoCon Highlight Last One

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Arcadia, CA (Py) - Lea Anne + Ariel = Way too much fun!!  Lol!

Like said earlier, one plus one equals fun, then one plus one plus one equals RIOT!!  Lol
Arika Sato among people from Japan, sooo colorful!!

Ashley Clark, Amanda Kerr, and Wendy Le (below right right) and everybody is having a great time!
You may hear people talking about how hot it was at AutoCon, but the organizer did an excellent job in balancing the show with multiple elements.  We are seeing a great trend growing!  Great job guys!!  Keep it up!!

2012 AutoCon Highlight 8

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Arcadia, CA (Py) - The conventional math does not apply here.  One plus one equals to... FUN!!  
(above) Ariel + Ngan Vo + Jackie Vidal = Three Graces!

(below) Melissa Riso + Corissa Furr = Super Nova Star Power Combo!!
(below) Harmony Vo + Helen Vo = Peacefully cute couple!

Kristy Lei Johnson + (uh... sorry!) = Very cool!

Do you think she knew that we did not know her name?

She still loves our camera!!

Brittani Paige + Jasmyn Skye = Super soaker fun!

Then Brittani reverse the soaker with a bird...

Love Lena + Brittani Paige + Jasmyn Skye = Photogenic Trio!!
Chaba (below left right with a hat) and Jeri Lee and Natalia Marie are all totally awesome super models!!
(more to come!)

2012 Autocon Arcadia Highlights 7

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Arcadia, CA (Py) - Arika Sato is simply amazing!!  Her fluent Japanese is super impressive!

More fun!

A lot more fun!  Jasmyn Skye (below left) is perfect for this near-tropical weather!  Lea Anne (below right left) and Ariel (below right right) form a very cute heart shape pose!  Super cool!
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