Jackie Vidal - W&HM 2012 August Cover Model (2)

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Los Angeles, CA (Py) - Continued from Part 1...

W&HM: Very cool Jackie.  Now a different subject. What is your most beloved hobby?
Jackie: Drawing, traveling, and photography!

W&HM: Nice.  Very artistic!  Now a different side of the brain question...  What is one most inspiring quote that you can share with us?
Jackie: “Living well is the best revenge”
W&HM: If you an astronaut, and you can only carry one movie to the space station, which one would it be?
Jackie: Mean Girls, that movie is hilarious! Haha

W&HM: Very interesting selection!!  Now we are in summer, which song do you think can represent your summer so far?
Jackie: Haha it doesn’t represent my summer but a summer song I do enjoy listening to is “Glad you Came” by The Wanted.
W&HM: Which feature do you see at the first glance of a guy?
Jackie: Their smile!

W&HM: (smiling) That's cool! What are the most important three characteristics of a cool guy? Not a nice guy, but a cool guy... Haha
Jackie: For a cool guy they would have to be funny, smart, and stylish.

(to be continued...)



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