Girls From Hankook, GXS, Hooters, LUSH, and Mav TV

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Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Hankook this time, has a totally new line up.  We have 3.5 models covered here (later).  From the above photo: Megan Belet, Erica Nagashima, Vivian Nguyen, look very + very + very good!

Erica Nagashima has that magazine cover model quality in her.  Great job!

Sorry Danielle Lo (left, busy signing the poser) that we did not do a full justice in this picture!  Our photojournalism failed big time here!

The GXS Girls have that orange hue in them as well.

Hooters girls also have that orange tint too!

LUSH Lounge models...

MAV TV has a huge and bright smile!  Nice!

From the crowd, she really should be a model in one of the booths there.  If you are not, definitely apply for one!

NOS Models, Awesome by Default

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Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - NOS has consistently demonstrated their marketing smartness with talented NOS girls serving free NOS drinks.  Julie Mai just joined the NOS girl team this year and looking very happy there!

Stacy Dominguez is an evergreen of NOS girl team.  She always brings out her big smile and very warm and friendly personality!

The trio at the NOS booth...

In various sizes...

Natalia Marie is 24x7 cool, creative, and talented!  Awesomeness!!

2012 Formula Drift - Drifting Actions by Clinton Lum -

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 Long Beach , CA (Photo by Clinton Lum from, Text by W&HM) - This year's Formula Drift season opener at Long Beach was full of actions as always.  Clinton Lum, the master motorsports photographer has captured some of the most amazing moments of the car event.

  If you can imagine the loud noises, thick smoke, fast pacing car motion, and rowdy crowd all follow these cars' actions and their drivers skillful tactics around the course, you practically are sitting on the front row seat sans the steel fence, or immediate dangers of flying debris... Awesome!


 Hair splitting...

 Thanks again to Clinton Lum for his amazing captures with his mastery photography fluency.  If you like to hire him or contact him for projects, please find him at his web site:

Awesome Marissa Hiroko, Michelle Yee and M7 Japan Model!

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Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Marissa Hiroko has done a wonderful job for Nissan Race Shop!  Not only she got people's attention by her sheer beauty, she posed beautifully to our camera, and wonderfully made sure that the job is well done with the company's logo prominently displayed!  Very cool Marissa!

M7 Japan's model brought the traditional race queen look to the event.  Nice!

Michelle Yee, the one of most dedicated awesome models in the industry, gave us wonderful photo opes at the White Line booth.

Since the outside sun is just relentless, she brought us to the cooler place... Very cool Michelle!

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