Girls From Hankook, GXS, Hooters, LUSH, and Mav TV

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Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Hankook this time, has a totally new line up.  We have 3.5 models covered here (later).  From the above photo: Megan Belet, Erica Nagashima, Vivian Nguyen, look very + very + very good!

Erica Nagashima has that magazine cover model quality in her.  Great job!

Sorry Danielle Lo (left, busy signing the poser) that we did not do a full justice in this picture!  Our photojournalism failed big time here!

The GXS Girls have that orange hue in them as well.

Hooters girls also have that orange tint too!

LUSH Lounge models...

MAV TV has a huge and bright smile!  Nice!

From the crowd, she really should be a model in one of the booths there.  If you are not, definitely apply for one!