Awesome Star Models at 2012 Toyota Grand Prix

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Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - The 2012 Toyota Grand Prix has many cool models that show up in everywhere.  We caught Vivie Nguyan just when she was heading back to her booth but kindly gave us a quick snaps.  She is so easy to work with, gorgeous to take pictures of, and wonderfully amicable!!  Great job Vivie!
We believe the model on the left is Nicolette Lacson, who we have not seen for a long time...

Now the top winners of Miss 2012 Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach, Adriana Davalos (below left, 1st Runner Up), Stephanie Costanza (below center, Winner), and Kristina Morrison (below right, 2nd Runner Up).

Cheyenne is handling the K1 Speed booth just fine...

Then Laura Baker is hosting the K1 Speed totally well...

More Amazing Tecate Models!!

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Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - As mentioned before, the 2012 Toyota Grand Prix, from the promotional modeling point of view, might as well be called The Tecate Model All Out Event!
There are so many gorgeous and friendly Tecate Models there that may make you wonder if you have seen all of them...
Inside the Lifestyle Expo Dome, Tecate has a prominent booth that let people take pictures with their cool models.

We have to say that his particular model is just totally awesome!

She is totally genius in paying special attention to our camera, posing for perfection, and smile with the heatlamp on!  Very + very cool!

200% Cool!
Of course, there are other awesome models too!

Krista Franceschini and Models of Swish, Toyota and eBay

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Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - We met up Krista Franceschini at the Denali Solar booth.  She is such a professional model that made sure that we have clear shot of the company's logo, both at the front and at the back!  Very cool Krista!

Her incredible legs and mesmerizing smile would just take anyone's breath away...

Totally awesome!!
The Swish race team models look as great as always!

Toyota is the main sponsor of 2012 "Toyota" Grand Prix, and they have a major presence both with their cars and their models.
Then we met up a group of really upbeat eBay people.  Very cool team!!

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